"I will breathe. I will think of solutions. I will not let my worry control me. I will not let my stress level break me. I will simply breathe. And it will be okay. Because I don't quit." -Shayne McClendonI’m easing back into life, despite a bad cold that really shouldn’t have surprised me, but nonetheless kept me in a different kind of misery for several days. In the process, I saw this week’s image on Facebook, and it resonated. Not that I have huge worries–at least not about things I can control. And not that I have a massive amount of stress–again, at least not about things I can control. But the conclusion is so important. I may teeter on the edge of a nihilistic “what’s the point” perspective, but I won’t quit.

That means that even though I’m a biological dead end, I would still like to leave some kind of legacy. The only framework that gives me that option at the moment is to continue to create things.

Or read things and reflect on them. A fellow Hotel Paranormal author linked to an article entitled “Spiritual People Don’t Say Fuck” that struck a chord. Unsurprising, since I’ve been known to cuss a blue streak every now and again, and consider myself above all else a spiritual person. A fellow blogger I now consider a friend is also working herself out of an emotional hole, and posted “How to Recover When Life Gives You a Wake-Up Call“. It’s a good reminder not to get stuck in being serious all the time. Or to continue to pile on the tasks when you’re recovering from an emotional/spiritual trauma.

On the creation side of things, this week I worked on the print version of Dragon’s Pursuit. It’s a tedious, detail-oriented process that took much longer than such things normally do for me. As with pretty much everything I undertook this week. So I’m in danger of falling behind again. But I won’t quit.

Hubs and I also watched the latest episode of Sherlock. We continue to be amazed at the story craft that goes into these mini-movies, and keep trying to unpack how the writers manage to create such mind-bending twists in every episode. We also maintained if not our normal walking program, at least the curtailed one that accommodates Tashie’s injury. My phone says I averaged over a mile a day this week. Luckily, it seems that finally we’ve tumbled to the assortment of treatments that is helping our oldest husky regain her footing, so maybe we can all start getting a little more exercies together.

This week should be a little easier in terms of work load from the day job and no need to travel, so maybe I’ll manage to get into the last bit of edits on Fire to Dragon and start moving that story to its culmination. We can all hope, anyway. Meantime, I’m keeping tabs on my ROW80 cohorts, who also aren’t quitters. We’ll all be back again next week.

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2 thoughts on “I Don’t Quit

  1. Love this reflective and inspirational post that talks about progress yes, but also gives us all another reason to say, “I may fall behind, but I’m NOT going to quit.” Thoughts like these are especially helpful when we tackle major editing/writing projects (thats where I am). May you have a good week ahead!

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