Review Policy

The main point of this blog started out being a way to share my enjoyment of books I’ve stumbled across on my own. However, if you’re an author who is interested in my review, leave me a comment with a URL pointing to your most recent book, and I’ll get in touch with you to see whether I have enough time at a given point in my schedule. I won’t make any promises, given my other commitments, and I won’t be a simple mouthpiece for your self-review; I would be open to an author interview, however, if you feel I missed the point of your work.

(My journalism professors would be proud, eh…?)

I also moonlight as a professional editor, so have developed relationships with certain authors. In the cases where I have that relationship I will share it with my readers to avoid the perception of a conflict of interest.

I prefer ePub versions (though I can also manage most other formats on my iPad) and, naturally, also printed versions, should you elect to undertake that cost and hassle. The tags on past reviews form a reliable guide on what I’m likely to read.

Now that I’m published, too, I won’t be able to cross-post any reviews in the fantasy or scifi genres on Amazon, to avoid contravening their terms of service.

Update 3/2016: I’m glad to help new and indie authors find a new review spot, but I’m overwhelmed at the response, since I’m getting up to 5 requests per day. Please be concise in your requests and patient in your expectations. If you don’t hear from me within a day or two, it’s likely I won’t be able to add your book to my list since I tend to prioritize books I find through Netgalley or the book tour groups I belong to.

Authors, publicists, and publishers who are interested in a review, who have initiated contact with me and received the go-ahead send me their books free of charge in exchange for my review. While I benefit from getting a free book, I am careful to be honest in my reviews and do not receive any other compensation for my reviews. That said, I belong to Amazon’s affiliate program, and use income from that source to help defray some of my costs (including my own book addiction, and hence the purchase of additional books).


These policies are likely to evolve as traffic to /interest in this blog increases, so I will keep this page updated to keep pace.

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