Editing ServicesGiven the number of books I’ve reviewed that have suffered from flaws in the editorial process, I figured I’d put it out there that I’m also available for editorial services:

  • review drafts of books, short stories, and articles,
  • offer comments to improve the work,
  • and correct spelling, grammar, and usage issues.

One of my undergraduate degrees was in journalism. My background and training in  production goes all the way back to the late 80s and the print process prior to desktop publishing.

Some of my editorial credits include:

If you’re interested in making arrangements with me for these services, please comment below with your contact info and the kind of work you’re interested in producing. I charge on a per-word basis (ranging between US$.007 – .017 depending on the level of editing you request) and offer a two- to three-week turn-around if I accept your commission. I will offer a first-chapter review for free, as part of establishing the relationship, so authors can determine whether my feedback will help in their individual cases. If your work is riddled with passive voice and other basic grammar issues, my comments and feedback will turn snarky.

My goal is to help develop high-quality indie work at a reasonable rate. As you can see from my sample links above, I have a wide range of editorial experience, but I prefer the fantasy/sci-fi genre. I also truly enjoy building a relationship with an author to see how they grow in their craft–and am likely to post a review wherever it doesn’t contravene user policy to try to help further promote their work. One of the value adds you get from working with me is also that I will help you cross-promote your finished work on my social media sites to help drive awareness (and, I hope, purchases!) of the finished product.


* These books have achieved the enviable status of being genre best-sellers, so my work has had some objective positive impact on authors’ sales.

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