I have a catholic range of interests and a voracious appetite for the written word, whether it’s in English, French, or German. Not many people read as much as I do, so I’m making this my space to ponder what I’ve read — and maybe develop a following for my own written words. I plan on posting no more than once a week (mostly Sundays, or Wednesdays) with my main focus on books and authors in as broad a sense as I can manage. I participate in the annual A-Z challenge following the theme of my latest books periodically, so you will hear from me daily then.

Other than words and languages, I may also use this space to consider web & social media issues; share the latest cuteness and heartbreak of my Siberian Huskies; or relate interesting cooking experiments. I support natural health choices, so am also likely to shill for my husband’s acupuncture practice.

On the topic of earning money… I am an Amazon Associate (kind of goes with the territory of being a marketer by training and work experience), so links to items I review will point to Amazon, where I will earn a small kick-back for anything purchased. I also freelance as an editor, and tend to get enthusiastic about my clients’ work, so expect to see the “I edited this” disclaimer on a semi-regular basis. 😉


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