I have a catholic range of interests and a voracious appetite for the written word, whether it’s in English, French, or German. Not many people read as much as I do, so I’m making this my space to ponder what I’ve read — and maybe develop a following for my own written words. I plan on posting no more than once a week (mostly Sundays, or Wednesdays) with my main focus on books and authors in as broad a sense as I can manage.

Other than words and languages, I may also use this space to consider web & social media issues; share the latest cuteness and heartbreak of my Siberian Huskies; or relate interesting cooking experiments. I support natural health choices, so am also likely to shill for my husband’s acupuncture practice.

On the topic of earning money… I am an Amazon Associate (kind of goes with the territory of being a marketer by training and work experience), so links to items I review will point to Amazon, where I will earn a small kick-back for anything purchased. I also freelance as an editor, and tend to get enthusiastic about my clients’ work, so expect to see the “I edited this” disclaimer on a semi-regular basis. 😉

Semi-related, since I have a day job and career as a project manager, posts on this blog are prepared by me in my personal capacity and on my personal time. The views and opinions expressed here are mine and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, opinion, or position of my employer.


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  1. Hello Tonya,

    I was checking out some of your articles at A Book a Day today and found this page: http://www.tmycann.com/2015/06/leveling-up/

    I noticed that you linked to one of my favorite articles ever: http://thespiritscience.net/2015/05/27/8-beautifully-insightful-alan-watts-quotes/

    I absolutely love that Alan Watts and that article.

    In honor of Alan Watts death on November 16, I set out to make something similiar http://liquidthink.net/9-marvelously-profound-alan-watts-quotes

    It’s like 8 Beautiful Quotes, but more comprehensive. You may want to consider linking to my article from your page.

    Either away i’ll see you around at A Book A Day!

    Andrew Plaza

  2. I found this blog through a post by Greg Scowen, a friend on Goodreads. I think you might be interested in this group I’ve part of, which is working to raise the recognition and professionalism of independent authors.

    Below is the text of our news release. If you could give us a mention on your blog, I’d really appreciate it.

    Scott Bury


    Authors’ cooperative venture changes the publishing world — again
    iAi to be a symbol of quality and professionalism in publishing

    A group of writers, marketers and designers unaffiliated with publishers have banded together to create their own publishing model, “Independent Authors International (iAi).”

    The new organization, whose members hail from across the U.S. and around the world, aims to support and legitimize the independent author movement, and bring new voices to readers throughout the world.

    “Recently developed technologies like e-readers and print-on-demand make it now possible for individual writers to publish books without the resources of a large commercial publishing enterprise,” says iAi spokesperson, Scott Bury.

    “The iAi co-operative will help professional authors by bringing together the skills and services that a commercial publisher offers, while leaving the authors in control of their work, at a fraction of the cost, and with a much more responsive and personal touch.”

    The iAi’s goal is to help its members produce quality, professional works recognized by literary agents, publishers, booksellers, and readers. The group is a democratic, cooperative organization controlled by its members.

    Membership is granted by invitation of existing members. The group vets prospective members to ensure they meet the professional writing, editing, and marketing standards of the iAi.

    To receive the services of the organization, members must contribute their editing, production, or marketing skills to other members.

    The iAi currently has 10 authors and publishing professionals from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel and the Philippines. The iAi website at http://iauthorsi.org/ has information on the organization’s goals and principles, a list of members, books that meet iAi criteria and links to sites where these books can be purchased.

    For more information about Independent Authors International or to schedule an interview with one of its members, please contact Scott Bury by email at scott.bury@iAuthorsi.org.


  3. Hi. I’m one of the canaries over at TheCanaryReview, and we’re looking to launch a weekly series for independent authors. Shoot me an email at canarypost at gmail dot com if you’d be interested in contributing by answering a couple question about your own experiences. Let us know!

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