Shorter-Form Stories

Flash Fiction:

Short Story:

Angel MineAngel Mine
A serial rapist murderer is on the prowl; Halloween brings other monsters to his doorstep.

4,512 words.


Short Story Collection:

Hallow's Eve Triptych by Tonya CannariatoHallow’s Eve Triptych

Explore the mysterious intersection of a day-in-the-life and the reality just the other side of the thinning veils in these three thematically linked tales. In “Last Supper,” discover the true wedge that drove Lana’s family to dissolve. In “Through A Mirror, Darkly,” watch as a family legacy explodes into Richard’s medical world. In “Root of All Evil,” learn how Leslie finds herself with a little help from the other side. In the end, it isn’t horrifying if the characters can learn to expand their souls.


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Wytchfire by Tonya CannariatoWytchfire

Can she remember enough to save herself? Can she change enough to save her planet?

9,500 words


A Trick of the TailA Trick of the Tail

In 2078, Earth was invaded. After the Fall stories document that time.

Sienna was trying to find a refuge away from Earth that would be safe for both her and her unborn child.Then she mistook a Siamet for a Katarr.

Zaun was doing his part to build the Resistance when a nasty trick lands him in bed with Sienna.

Overcoming language and trust obstacles is the least of their worries when their survival is on the line.

Novelette with a word count of 10,200.


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