Surprise Release Day: Angel Mine

Angel MineHappy Halloween week… It’s a surprise short story release day.


I’ve been working on this one all summer long. For all that it’s fewer than 5,000 words, it’s gone through more revisions than my novels–and more dramatic changes, too. I previewed it a few weeks back, but you may or may not see that passage any more. Now it’s strong enough to stand on its own, and just in time to join the spooks of the week.

The topic was far outside my comfort zone, but was sparked by the intersection of news out of Egypt that the legislature was contemplating establishing legality for sexual relations between a husband and his dead wife for up to six hours after her passing, and a call for stalker short stories.

Here’s my blurb:

A serial rapist murderer is on the prowl; Halloween brings other monsters to his doorstep.

Depending on whether folks like it, I have a whole litter of plot bunnies ready to follow on.

For now, we’re waiting for it to clear the Amazon queue, but it’s up and available at Smashwords.

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