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Arcane SolutionsI was amazed at the number of people who were interested in the character interview I did for WLC this weekend, so was talking with my favorite publisher, author Gayla Drummond, about it. Since we were in the mood and having fun with IM, I asked if I could interview her character, Discord Jones, of Arcane Solutions. This is what she had to share with us:

What’s your favorite movie?

Gone with the Wind

What’s your happy place?

Halfway through a half gallon of Rocky Road

Do you ever think about going to college?

Not really. Too much trouble being around large groups of people…and college students are NOT thinking about classes very much.

Do you ever think about what might have been, had you not been saddled with your gifts?

Well, sometimes, I guess. Maybe I’d have ended up being a midwife. Mom would love that.

How much of what you do is motivated by keeping your folks happy?

As far as the job goes, nothing really. Not telling Mom about the scary parts, totally.

Do you ever worry that those missing years will mean you are some kind of Peter Pan recreation–you won’t ever finish growing up?

Yes, I do. It’s very confusing to wake up three years older and not have gone through those years. I think I’m probably pretty immature for my actual age a lot of the time.

I just don’t know how to be the age the calendar says I am. Yet, anyway.

Any plans on radical action to “finish” your growing up?

I don’t think so. I spent a lot of time trying to learn to control my abilities, and that was enough to have to deal with as far as growing up was concerned. Everything else can just happen as it does. Maybe I’ll always act a little younger than I am. Then again, they say you’re only as old as you feel you are, right?

What about the relationship question… You seem a little conflicted about the “boyfriend” appellation. What worries you about that?

Well, I’ve always seen it as you go out a few times, get to know the other person, and then both decide a steady relationship is a good idea. That’s not what happened with Nick. I’m kind of embarrassed about being so quick to jump to the sexing with him.

But he is really cute.

Bossy, but cute.

You mention about being open-minded about shifters. Do you think he had some unfair mojo to get you to make that move?

No. I’ve been around some other shifters before he was hired. None of them made me drool.

Do you think you’ve discovered all your psi talents yet?

I’m guessing not, since precognition popped up. It would be nice if that was the last one, but it would be pretty cool to have transvection too. That’s the flying one. I haven’t figured out how to use my telekinesis to move myself yet.

I can move something, and hold onto so that I move too. But can’t fly.

Some vampires can, so it wouldn’t be fair if I never get to.

It would be more awesome to find a flying unicorn though.

I wonder if those are real?

What do you wish hadn’t been written into your character?

Probably stuff I don’t know about yet? [laughs] No, I know! My tendency to forget stuff I mean to ask people about. I need to start carrying a little notebook or something.

What do you like best about yourself?

My amazing fashion sense. Oh, wait…

Um, I don’t know.

I guess the fact I have never cut and run. Unless everyone else does too.

What do is your dream outcome for your life’s story?

I don’t want to be famous, so that’s out. Um, just to be able to look back and feel I was good at doing the right thing.

And didn’t end up a vampire.

That’s important.

Do you worry about burn-out with the pace of adventures your job sends you on? Can you see yourself doing this for the rest of your life?

There’s enough variety I don’t think I’ll get burned out any time soon. Chasing down cheating spouses would be icky, not to mention boring. I’ll probably do it as long as I can, which could be for the rest of my life, if I get better at controlling my abilities the older I get.

Anything else you want to share with us?

I know awesome people. And Leglin. Leglin’s super awesome. All of you should come visit us in Santo Trueno!

About Gayla Drummond:

My author is this freaky woman who lives in Texas and has waaay too much time on her hands. She has horses, a pack of pups, and an addiction to Dr Pepper.

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