ROW80 Check-in: Puppy Birthday

Puppy in her party hatAnother week of graduate school under my belt; all assignments turned in before their due dates/deadlines. That is actually starting to feel like a major accomplishment (and a goal worth reporting on), since this week I was assigned a literature review in preparation for the final paper for the course. That meant I wrote close to 1,700 words on that assignment, and at least 5,000 for the various discussion board/class participation assignments. Since I’ve been caught in the indie publishing revolution, I decided to study up on that and the management decisions that go with it for this series of assignments.

So I was lucky to churn out my handful of hundred words on my WIP. We’ll see whether I can manage the goal of 1,000 next week.

Part of the reason I still think it will be possible to write creatively: today was Natasha’s second birthday. (You can see her wearing her party hat in the picture to the right; even though she’s up to 47 pounds, she still manages to be a lap dog when she wants to be.) We decided to make the weekend special for her by taking her on a long trek through Lake Park yesterday, and an even longer trek along the Menomonee River tonight. We also stopped at the Dollar Store to pick up some cheap stuffed animals for the girls to dismember and a few other goodies to keep the girls entertained and full of good food.


I’m grateful my back is back to normal, though I spent a LOT of Saturday just catching up on sleep, so this week should be more productive for me.

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4 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in: Puppy Birthday

  1. Best wishes for grad school. I remember those days! It can be very stressful to get everything done. I hope you also find some good time for writing on your WIP. And happy birthday to your cute puppy!

  2. Aww..hi puppy! She’s adorable. 🙂 My aunt Sharon has always had huskies, and the one I remember in particualar (named Tasha 😀 ) LOVED to be outside in the snow. She’d dig a hole and bury herself and when night fell and Sharon called for her to come in, she’d emerge from the ground like a really cute version of an orc.

    My dog Joey just turned 12. She’s old, and lumpy, and half blind, but still my bestest dog friend ever.

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