Plot Bunnies and Story Prompts

Plot BunniesI received my edited manuscript this morning in the wee hours. I have a lot of work to do. As my editor said: “You’ve fallen into some bad habits…” Ominous words for an impending deadline.

The good news is, she likes the plot, the characters, and the ending, so the rest is just editing my laziness (otherwise known as speed-writing at the tail end of NaNoWriMo last year, trying to cram the remainder of the story into the short deadline). So, naturally, I’ve been thinking about all the other stories I could be writing. Because anything could be more fun than the hard work of revising my own logorrhea. (And, what better excuse to share a picture of some baby bunnies we rescued from our back yard a few years back…)

Kidding aside, I figured I’d share some of the plot bunnies that occurred to me today (or recently), while I was procrastinating facing both blogging and editing duties:

  • A conflict of tastebuds: A new romance, soured by the need for different definitions of home cooking
  • Hidden magic: Two long-time friends, one of whom develops magical abilities she has to hide
  • An assistant, trapped by a magical house after her boss dies and a high-tech mausoleum springs into being
  • A young woman who must learn to control “her” elements, or be consumed by them
  • A 16th-century monk looks up from prayer and discovers he’s in a 20th-century airport terminal
  • Not to mention the decent start I have on book 2 of the Red Slaves series…

And, if those aren’t your cup of tea (I’ve written a few hundred words on four out of those five plot thoughts), there are actually plot generators online:

If you feel like voting on my next non-Red Slaves story idea, let me know in the comments, otherwise… I’m off to slay the editing demon this week.

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