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"The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there." -Robert M. PirsigThe weeks keep rushing by in an excess of activity and emotion. I can’t believe we’re already into March–though the weather in this neck of the woods has had us wondering whether it might not already be June. On some days, anyway. This weekend was much more seasonal. By the nature of our busy-ness, we’re being forced to remain focused on the things in our hearts, heads, and hands, so this week’s image seemed quite appropriate.

That said, I’m not sure whether it’s in sympathy with Tashie’s ongoing healing process, but we’re also both feeling back and knee pain. Hubs did as hubs does, and found someone else who advises not to baby these pains… So I’ve been pushing myself to drink more water and stand up more regularly during my days. And we’ve been back to see our chiropractor a few times. We’re slowly improving, and I’m holding to my average of 2,323 steps a day… at least, while I have my phone with me. Tashie is also continuing her rehabilitation, and can now manage about .7 miles before she starts running out of gas and babying her knee. It’s certainly heartening to see how much easier it is for her to get up, as well as the fact that her regular gait is now back to being entirely limp-free. She appears to be an excellent poster case for the efficacy of prolotherapy.

One of my online writing buddies recently updated her “Life Well-Lived” list, and introduced me to the Atlas Obscura, which ended up distracting me from other research for an hour or two this week. I’ve been to some interesting places, apparently. I might even be tempted to look for some of the places included in that atlas, but… for now, I’m content to remain focused closer to home.

Hubs and I caught up with The Expanse this week, and among the OMG moments was a quieter sense of amazement that yet another author had somehow created a new language. The Belter creole is a thing of beauty in the way it includes some, excludes others, and generates a sense of place entirely familiar to those who’ve ever formed a diaspora. There’s a whole wiki dedicated to the terms you hear on the show, and is another fun way to expand your inner horizons.

As for my writing, I started the week strong, adding 1,056 words in a string of days, then lost all focus (or even wakefulness) at the end of the week. Looking back at the tracker I’m using, it’s disheartening to see that since I picked up working on this story in January, I’ve only managed to add 5,678 words to it. At that rate, it will be August before I’m done, and I’m not willing to inflict that wait on anyone. So I have to find my way back to my flow, somehow. It will be a miracle if I finish the book this round–even if that timing mostly matches what my editor and I agreed on. I’ll keep plugging away and let you know how it goes.

So I encourage you to cheer on the other ROW80 participants, and I will be back again next week to report on my own progress.

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7 thoughts on “Improving the World

  1. I’ve had bad knees since I was 11 or so, and I have both scoliosis in my lower spine, and past injuries there and to my neck. I’ve also seen my mother, in the last few years, go from an active older woman to nearly shut-in, not doing most of the things she used to enjoy, because she babied arthritic knees.

    So I make it a goal to get up, move, challenge myself. I want to be as active and fit as I can, for as long as I can. I don’t mind getting slower, but I don’t want to just give up the idea of being mobile. I swim, walk, do cardio and weights, study tai chi, and set myself regular cleaning sprints throughout the day. I haven’t quite taken to my standing desk yet, but I also haven’t given up the goal of incorporating it into my daily writing practice.

    You’ve had a very eventful year. I don’t think it’s at all surprising that you’ve had some trouble finding and keeping a rhythm. And 5,678 words is much better than none!

    1. Your health concerns sound like those of my mother-in-law (deceased). Hubs treated her successfully with acupuncture to keep her mobile up until the end. Have you tried that?

      And.. your comment about the eventful year… Maybe my resistance is as much emotional as it is being overly busy. But I’m stubborn enough that I want to meet the deadlines I set and it’s frustrating me (adding to my emotional debt?!) that I’m not… Food for thought. Still need to get back into a rhythm. 😛

      1. I really hadn’t thought of acupuncture, but that might be an option. Generally, I tend to pay attention to when my body wants to rest, and things that aggravate it – like a low kitchen counter, and the fact that I have very long legs and a high waist, which means I need to bend forward uncomfortably to wash dishes. So I do them a few minutes at a time throughout the day rather than in one go.

        Also, it’s better away from cold and damp weather.

        Grief can sneak in around the edges of everything, for a very long time. Our second son died at 12 days old, 14 years ago this summer, and that’s still true. I’ve learned to be less disrupted by it, and the edges have smoothed some with time, but it’s never not going to hurt. Things are less chaotic when I accept that, rather than trying to avoid the emotions.

        I think it’s OK to push through sometimes, and also OK to stop and feel for a while, sometimes. No one can tell you what blend when, though. Sometimes it can shift minute by minute.

        If you ever just want someone to listen, I can be found on FB.

        In the meantime, I will hold you and yours close to my heart.

    1. That vivid image actually made me laugh out loud… In my case, it would have been accompanied by a string of curses… 😀

  2. I don’t know if you use Twitter at all, but some of us have started sprints again on the #row80 tag. Also, on Facebook there are some excellent sprinting groups you could join.

    Glad you are not babysitting your injuries. Things like that just make things worse in the long run. Our bodies were designed to be worked with…

    1. I’m on Twitter more than is entirely healthy for my progress… but I’ll look for the hashtag. Thanks for the tip!

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