Physically, I'm here. Mentally, I'm far, far away.Once again I’m blessed to be checking in from Gayla’s. It’s strange to be here without having school assignments due. On the other hand, I can only blame myself for having offered to keep checking in with the office while I’m here… It’s oddly guilt-inducing for me to take a vacation two weeks after starting a new job, so I may be overcompensating.


On the other hand, I’m now a third of the way through my re-edit of book 1. I may actually finish this process while I’m here. So my head is somewhere in Russia with Anne and her dragons even though I’m enjoying similar kinds of interesting conversations with my normally long-distance friends to what I have experienced here before. It’s also very hot in Texas and we’re spending a lot of time on the porch, so I feel like I’m in a perpetual sauna on this vacation.


The walking hasn’t happened much this week, though hubs and I did manage a good, long one last Sunday for 2.9 miles before my travel schedule hit the second half of crazy. My phone tells me I’m averaging 1.7 miles per day this week just by wandering through town. On the other hand, I got to ride a horse for the first time this week without anyone holding the bridle for me … for two hours. I’m still recovering my sit bones and leg muscles, but we saw the most beautiful sunset, complete with sundogs. We went cross-country through farmland and rural roads and the apparently shocking rustle of corn husks… I got an unintended jog trot as my mount had to react to another horse deciding to shy after having successfully navigated 150 yards of said obstacle. Horses make for some interesting entertainment. At least my first outing didn’t have me eating the dirt at all. And Harriet will now always have a warm spot in my heart for having been an excellent introduction to horseback riding.

While I’ve been having fun, hubs is home with the furbabies, and still sending me interesting links. The latest, in honor of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s passing last week, had the following nugget:

My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be.

It’s a useful perspective as I wince at some of the things I’m correcting in my book… while wondering how the number of “a little”s made it through all the previous layers of editing. So I’ll be focused on finishing that task this week, letting all my other tasks slide. Meantime you can keep track of how my fellow ROW80ers are doing, and I’ll check back in next week from home.

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  1. Hold it! Wayne Dyer died? Nobody told me. Gee whiz. I hate when I miss important stuff like that. Maybe if the news wasn’t so busy worrying about Hilary Clinton’s email or Donald Trump’s ego, we would hear the news that matters. So, anyway, thanks for letting me know. Have a great week and let’s keep it simple.

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