Author Interview: Sam Dei Lune

Since I’ve been keeping an eye open for these things on Twitter, I’ve found another indie author interview opportunity (don’t think “victim” here, I’ll hear you!): @SDeiLune. She’s not only releasing her first novel, but has also been asked to write the novel version of an upcoming major motion picture. (Color me star-struck, here!)

Sam Dei Lune1. You recently started blogging, with a focus on historical perspectives on the creatures featured in modern paranormal fantasy. Did you do a lot of research for your book?
I did not do a lot of research for “Moon Tribe” because the concept of it is an original one.  It suggests that everything you know about paranormal fantasy creatures is misunderstood aspects of one central group. The blogging on the other hand, has taken some research.  I have the tendency to look at things from a very scientific point of view.  Blogging has allowed me to do so in paranormal areas, which has really been fun.

2. How did you discover your calling as a writer, and what inclined you toward self-pubbing, likely indie status?
I think that writing is something that has just always been a part of me.  When I finished my first novel I never intended on publishing it.  I had started so many in the past and just wanted to finish one for myself.  After a few people read it, I was strongly encouraged to publish and so I decided that publishing would be something that I would do myself.  “Moon Tribe” was not something that I expected to be shared publicly, but I have been fortunate to have it be so well received.

Moon Tribe: Revelation3. Your blurb indicates Moon Tribe is a YA novel. What drew you to that genre?
To be honest, YA is one of my favorite genres.  I think that one day I will be one of those mothers who shares books with my teenaged kids because I love the fantasy and the simplicity of it all.  Picking up a good YA book can take you out of a hectic and daunting real life schedule and place you in a distant fantasy world where the stresses of everyday life fall away.

4. How long did you take to write this novel?
“Moon Tribe” was a long time coming.  I started the novel three years ago and it was left forgotten.  I found myself with 2 months of free time this past year and decided that the book deserved some attention.  I finally finished it in that 2-month period.

5. What drew you to indie publishing?
Indie publishing just seemed like a natural fit for me.  I was never looking for a big book deal, I just wanted to share my work and hopefully receive some feedback that would make me a better author.

6. Are you still hoping to find representation?
To this day, I still have not sent out a single inquiry letter for representation.  Even so, some really great opportunities and even contracts have fallen into my lap.  Things are happening really fast and I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love.  I think that eventually I will have no choice but to seek representation, but currently I have been managing to handle all aspects of the business myself.

7. Do you have plans for additional titles in this genre?
I am currently working on the sequel and prequel to “Moon Tribe” which will both be in the same genre.  In addition I have some really amazing projects in the works.

The first of which is a novel based on a true story of a woman from Iran, detailing her life in a prestigious family and the experiences she had working within a corrupt government, sharing her story of kidnapping, assault, and even assassinations.

I am also working on an MMA book with a veteran UFC judge which will be sure to interest all mixed martial arts fans.

My final project is the book adaptation of a movie being made by John Ceallach titled “Katie”, which is based on the Bell Witch legends.  The really interesting thing about this project is that John Ceallach is actually a direct descendant John Bell, giving him a unique perspective of the story and injecting this project directly into American History.

8. Did owning a Husky impact your decision to write about lycanthropy?
She would probably want me to say that owning a husky impacts every decision I make.

9. What is your favorite reading material? (I saw you like comics; did that style impact your novel writing style much/at all?)
Comics absolutely influenced my writing style.  I find that growing up reading comics has done away with my patience for paragraph after paragraph of daunting detail.  In fact, when I come across that in a book I tend to skim right over it.  You don’t find a lot of lingering in my writing because of this.

10. What made you decide to support the Special Olympics and Wolf Hollow in such public fashion?
This is my second year doing the Polar Bear Plunge for the Special Olympics and I have really enjoyed contributing to the organization.  I have been involved with sports my entire life and I think that sports can impact lives in a very positive way, this is exactly what the Special Olympics does.

I would like to take credit on the decision to support Wolf Hollow, but that wasn’t really my idea.  My dog made me do it.

Thank you so much to take the time to interview me.  I am truly humbled by all of the support I have been receiving as an author.

Welcome to another new indie voice; looks like I need to add Moon Tribe to my to-read list… and see if I can overcome my own fears to watch “Katie” & read the book.

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