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"It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living." -F. Scott FitzgeraldI’m home. There are so many good things about that statement, and it’s too easy to take for granted. Even with Facetime, and seeing my husband’s smile remotely, there’s something in Fitzgerald’s line that makes being here to witness those smiles in person … more worth living. In fact, my husband sent me the link to a profound article about sacred relationships this week that reflected yet another way he makes my days worth living.

I love my job and the opportunity it’s giving us to get out of the repetition of Wisconsin’s wintry mess and economic morass. I’m also beyond grateful at my company’s flexibility with its work from home policy, that it recognizes how much better I work with my partner in the picture. To say nothing of my girleez.

All that blathering to say… I’m still too discombobulated about *everything* to have made one small step of progress on fiction.

I’m not even sure how long I should give myself to settle in to some kind of writing productivity in this transition. And that makes me twitchy. Today, my latest class began, and I started working on my first assignment, so those will continue to give me at least some small framework for my weeks, but I worry about how long it’s been since I last looked at any of my manuscripts with any kind of serious intention to continue them. I want all the change to be done so we’re happily together again full-time, and I don’t feel quite so constrained by a suitcase and airline schedule, but I also know all the logistical details that tell me even the most optimistic wishing won’t make that desire a reality without a realistic timeline.

I hope there’s someone out there who can give me some hope for productivity as the months stack up, or some tips on how to build some structure when everything is up in the air. For now, I’ll try one more time for a 1K-word week, admitting I failed even that last week. Meantime, check out how my fellow ROW80ers are handling their goals.

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2 thoughts on “Life Worth Living

  1. I too have had times when the manuscript never gets to see the light of the day – and learnt – not quickly I admit – that patience is needed. Above advice is good – we can never be superwomen – try that and burn out will result – discipline will come with assignments – notebooks and scribbles will keep great thoughts secure and keep any goals very low, very low if not at all – with all you are going through I’d keep away from putting numbers next to words, I’d just go for writing something, a few lines, few thoughts, on reg. basis

    It comes back honest it does, but not always in the time-frame we plan:)

  2. My advice is to be kind to yourself. We frequently set far higher standards for ourselves than we do for others–we’ll forgive others for not being Wonder Woman or Super Man, but we can’t show ourselves the same kindness.

    It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Remember you only have so much mental real estate. It sounds like a new job, travel, being away from your family is taking up a lot of that real estate at the moment. But things will settle down.

    If you wanted my recommendation, it would be to go easy on yourself, read a book or blog you enjoy, and get yourself a notebook. Scribble words on those pages, whether those words are about your family, your life, or your characters’ lives. Your writing practice will make its way back into your life. 🙂

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