Have Wheels, Will Travel

"Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God." -Kurt VonnegutYeah, yeah… I skipped a week. I was returning from Wisconsin to Virginia last Sunday, and had neither the inclination nor the enthusiasm to blog about being separated again. Then, Monday night, I got my consumer buzz on: I spent *hours* at the local Toyota dealership making arrangements to add to our collection of Priuses. Prii? I spent the rest of the week driving myself to and from work, and getting semi-intentionally lost to reacquaint myself with the roads of my High School years. A lot has changed in this neck of the woods since then. As Vonnegut says, “bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.”

I love the Prius. Especially with the upgrades they made in the six model years since we bought the previous one. So I had to give family and colleagues test rides, too, right?

I also had to figure out how to think like an accountant. This class is almost as bad as the business law class for twisting my brain into knots. And I can’t just write my way out of a box into a good grade with this upside-down use of words. I keep fighting with my textbook in an Inigo Montoya-voice: “I don’t think that word means what you think it means…”

This class may be the one that finally breaks my straight-A streak. On the other hand… my sister-in-law IS an accountant, and she was helping me sort some of my confusion tonight, so… I’m fighting for something that really doesn’t mean that much in the end anyway.


The other good thing about regular flights across half the country: I found an enforced time away from everyone that allows me to write. Not that I wrote much, but at least those 250 words got me to 15K, and broke the wordless streak.

I also discovered the Electro-Plasmic Hydrocephalic Genre Fiction Generator 2000. The plot-bunnies… they MULTIPLY! This one actually sounds enticing to me… and not unrelated to what I’m already doing with the Red Slaves series… (Spin-off, anyone?):

In a coal-powered Soviet Russia, a young collector of oddities stumbles across a dream-inducing drug which spurs him into conflict with a charismatic politician on the rise with the help of a bookish female scholar with mousy brown hair and her closet full of assault rifles, culminating in a fistfight atop a tower.

Your title is: “The Neurotrons.”

So it’s been a busy, productive week for me–even if it wasn’t as productive as I was hoping. And I capped it with a sore throat and fever starting yesterday morning. I’m feeling better now, but have the cough of a strange cold to contend with as we whipsaw through another drastic set of temperature swings. If things continue this way… next month I may have to threaten Virginia with my full-length, down-filled blueberry to make the temperatures stay consistently above freezing.


In the meantime, check out how the other ROW80ers are doing with their goals.

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3 thoughts on “Have Wheels, Will Travel

  1. Your post reminded me of an advanced accounting class I took. I watched the teacher’s mouth move without understanding a word. But you can persevere! Oh, and should I ever get stuck on plotifying, your plot generator is amazing. Here’s what my roll found:

    In a(n) shrill Victorian Britain, a young idealistic revolutionary stumbles across a(n) alien artifact which spurs him into conflict with murderous robots with the help of a girl who’s always loved him and her discomfort in formal wear, culminating in a fistfight atop a tower.

    Your title is: “The Blackblades.”

    Have a truly good week!

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