"I'm realistic. I expect miracles." -Wayne DyerIt’s been an amazing couple of weeks. As I mentioned at my last check-in I got to go on vacation with my family last week. It turned out to be the vacation of a lifetime: I can’t rave enough about how amazing a Disney cruise is. I got to swim with dolphins, for crying out loud!


Even though we were very careful not to try to book multiple excursions per port of call and even though the weather was an idyllic 80 degrees and sun-shiny the whole seven days, it turns out that there’s a special kind of soporific effect of hearing the gentle whoosh of the waves and feeling the balmy breeze of the Caribbean, to say nothing of the impact of the rocking of the ship as it navigates its way even through calm waters.

In other words, I didn’t do much of anything.


I managed to write 1,673 words while we were underway, and I turned in all my assignments for the week before I started my new job.

I can’t even be upset about it, because we all had such a great time together.


Strangely, for as tired as I’ve felt both during the cruise and now that I’m trying to acclimate to Virginia weather suddenly gone Wisconsin-like, I’m still energized: My new job is everything I’d hoped for. Even the realization that I would need to borrow socks from my mom because in my rush to ship work clothes I forgot a few key components to my wardrobe, wasn’t as stupid-making as it might have been.


I still need to sort out my schedule so I can carve out those hours I need to write, and settle into the new rhythms of the new place–and figure out my own set of wheels, so I’m not always relying on family and colleagues to move me from point A to point B! But things have gone remarkably smoothly so far for such a big transition. And that makes me hope for more miracles.

Next week is finals week again, so I’m still not sure how much writing I’ll accomplish, but at this point I’m either floating on a cloud of sleepiness or hope, so I’ll leave it nebulous until I check in again.

In the meantime, see how the other ROW80ers are doing with their goals.

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3 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your cruise. This wild weather must be quite a shock!

    Yeah, the weather in Virginia isn’t very Virginian, is it? It keeps snowing and snowing and I told my husband, “I feel like I’m back in western Pennsylvania,” where I grew up. I don’t know when they’ll have the streets cleared, but we’re hunkered down at home for the time being.

    Good luck with your writing and your new job!

  2. Sounds like you are juggling a lot, but in a way enjoying it. Best wishes on your new job, not missing the cruise life too much, and those finals! Hope things fall easily into place once life settles down for you.

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