The five stages of winterFunny how settling in to changes can be a lot like … same ol, same ol…


My first week in Virginia was great: My new job has some fascinating elements to it, the people I’ve met there are great, and I discovered in the course of the Wisconsin-like snowstorm that shut down the federal government (and my office!) on Thursday that they are much more reasonable and flexible than any other employers I’ve had. It helps that they seem to have a “wherever your desk happens to be” attitude and issue everyone a laptop and backpack their first day of work.

It’s also rather a shock to the system that a week ago I was returning from a week of 70s-and-sun-style idyllic weather, and now I’m shivering in the lighter-weight clothes I sent ahead in expectation of NOT sub-zero weather… So I say…

Et tu, Virginia?

Nonetheless, I’m starting to settle in. I got all my schoolwork done early today, and am getting small elements of move-related research taken care of. I had hoped to get back into the word-generation mode this weekend, but got pre-empted by family activities. (My niece did very well her first time out as a junior handler in a local dog show… but it meant I was chauffeur to make up for some miscommunication among the relevant parties.) I think the sidewalks will be passable after the rain forecast for the end of the week so I should be able to walk at some point again soon, too. Mostly, though, I’m getting used to the idea of long-term transition. I think I’ll be home again for a week in March, and likely once a month thereafter, so I have my feet in two different worlds until I have my own home again… whenever that might be. I’m glad I’m flexible.


I’m also grateful for Facetime. One of my class assignments this week related to the pitfalls of virtual teams, and I read a post about how texting can damage relationships. It’s one thing to have a phone conversation, but to see facial expressions and catch those fleeting glimpses that convey unstated emotional depths makes tolerating the “miss you” ache just a little bit easier.

Next week, I have my final due, so I still may not get back to fictional words, but I’m thankful making this move seems to have been the right choice for us. Getting through the next six months of transition will be a challenge, but we just managed week one, so I’m going to make managing the transition (and the hours of phone calls related to that) one of my other ROW80 goals. Because without the relationship I have with my husband… well… fictional words pale in comparison. Meantime, check out how everyone else is doing with their goals.

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  1. All the best as you continue to settle in. Although it’s pretty, I think many of us will be very glad to see the signs of spring this year. (So glad my sponsorship duties brought me back to your site this week.)

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