Kyra, 16Because it’s been one of those kinds of months, and because there is so much change underway (more on that tomorrow), I’m celebrating my first fur-baby’s birthday with a sale. Kyra turns 16 January 26th. She was our first Husky, and what I consider our best wedding gift to ourselves.


That she’s still with us and still going strong is a testament to her will and flexibility as she’s followed us around the country in our various moves. We are seeing some hip degeneration as she ages and there are times when she’s more absent-minded than she’d been as a younger dog, but she still manages her environment with the same finesse, and enjoys her daily play time and cuddles–and all the walks we can give her. So we’re blessed.

Which brings me to the celebration point: I’m setting Dementional on sale this week for $2 off. Partly because of what could be Kyra’s mental wanderings, but also because she seems to have mastered the dimensions to be with us for so much longer than the average life-span of a Husky.


I hope you enjoy this celebration with all of us! Watch for the price change on both Amazon and Smashwords in the next few hours. The sale will run through the end of the month.

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