ShitShitShitShitShitShitIf I thought last week was bad with too much on my plate at work… Could we please rewind to a time when a regular US work week was 40 hours? Or is there someone in Europe who has a job for me at a much-more-humane 32 hours of full-time work? (While we’re visiting dreamland, how about enough vacation time that I can have more than 2 weeks off?)

I’m lucky that this session’s class seems to have a lighter work load than the past few; my paper for today was capped at a reasonable 600 words. And my discussion board requirements are back down to one original post and two responses. I got those done yesterday and the paper this afternoon.

Fiction writing…? Not so much. Fewer than 500 words this week. We didn’t even really have time for our regular walks this week–5 for 9.79 miles. In fact, we were lazy last night and decided to just take the girls to a new dog park… that I swear is at least 4 acres, all fenced in. At 10:30 at night we had the place to ourselves, and carefully walked the perimeter with our phones lighting the way. We had a panicky 5 minutes at the end when Natasha decided hunting rabbits was more important than listening to her name and we couldn’t find her in the dark, but her running really wore her out so she slept well last night.

Not so much for me. I woke up every other hour thinking about how I was going to get the report my boss needs for her boss done. Since I still need to work on that… I’ll keep this short and hope that next week doesn’t feel quite so much like being chased down by a hungry cheetah.

Meantime, check out how the other ROW80 participants are doing with their goals.

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    1. LMAO – In a completely out-of-character move… Saturday I spent time vacuuming and cleaning as a way of NOT looking at a laptop screen… So even the dustbunnies can’t keep me company now. 😀

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