Long Weekend, Monday is Sunday

Galapagos Olympics 100 Yard Dash - Day 3It’s always so nice to have a day off. A holiday for the labor we’ve undertaken over the course of the year. And while I typically have a million things on my to-do list, and think I’ll manage them all with that one extra day of not having to report to the office, I kinda forgot yesterday was Sunday without that weekly school assignment to turn in.

So when I saw the picture to the right on I Fucking Love Science‘s FB page today, I knew I was not alone in milking the slow-moving weekend for all it has been worth. That means: My weekly check-in is a day late.


My semester ended with a whimper last Tuesday (my 3rd semester of straight As!), and my next semester starts tomorrow. I always think I’ll accomplish more in those couple of in-between days between classes, but work has been insane as we try to catch up on legal and regulatory requirements. I didn’t actually get home until after 9 Wednesday, and my work laptop came home with me this weekend so I could update a whole raft of pages on our site. That said… I still wrote 993 more words. I’ve crossed the 5K threshold that tells me “yep, you’re really writing another novel.” And I took 8 walks this week, racking up 14.95 miles for the week. I really like the night-time walks, when there aren’t many people around, and we can enjoy the negative ions and the strange and alluring shadows.

I’ve also been exposed to more plot bunnies. This time in the form of a site showing the reality of certain conspiracy theories, some very intriguing ancient aliens shows (including a Valley of DEATH in SIBERIA that might have to be incorporated into my current WIP), a list of science facts that killed sci-fi sub-genres, and a list of impossible science fiction.

I’m still waiting for my regular computer to be fixed–the not-great news of Friday was that even the experts at the shop had never seen anything like what was going on with my box (and, oh, by the way, you have a dying HD… ::eyeroll:: Why do you suppose there’s a new drive in there, then, Sherlock??), so I don’t know how much longer I’ll be working off our very old XP laptop. I’m SO VERY grateful for Dropbox and MyWritingNook, and the fact that I had made recent back-ups, so even though I don’t have access to all the old files on the various other hard drives on that computer, I haven’t been held back from working on what I want to work on. I STRONGLY recommend you review your back-up plan, because MTBF is a computing reality you will face one day sooner than later.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out how the other ROW80ers are doing on their plans and goals… and I’ll see you next week, when we all get to see whether this semester’s work load is enough lighter that I can regularly expect higher weekly word counts…

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  1. interesting links:) watch them long enough I reckon one could begin to believe them! – wonderful ideas there for fiction writers – thanks – all the best for coming week:)

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