Next levelI saw the image to the right on Facebook the other day and 1. did a spit-take and 2. thought, “how appropriate”! Seems like just when things settle down one way, they go wild in another.

You will have noticed (maybe… I hope!) that I skipped posting last week. After 3 weekends of too much work and working at home, I ran out of steam. I keep up with my class assignments and drag myself to and from the office, and hate that allergy season is on with full vengeance this year. It makes me feel like I have no life… and that my next genius idea will be something along the lines of what’s pictured.


Yesterday, we completed the heavy lifting for moving my husband’s practice, and today my class team gelled enough that I didn’t have to do the entire mid-term project alone, so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get back to writing… just in time for the next round of ROW80 to start up. And just in time for an actual vacation: I’ll be heading down to Texas at the end of next week to connect with my editor, who’s attending Indievengence Day, and my publisher, who’s promised a day of riding (horses) and writing… and other random fun.

I’m expecting to come away with WORDS! And a plan to wrest back control of my writing output so I maintain my 3-story/year publication pace. We’ll see how that goes. 😉

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