Flaws and Good Intentions

I, myself, am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.Between work, school, and the remnants of a cold that had colleagues thinking I might give them the gift of a lung on a platter (truly, the gift that keeps on giving!), I didn’t have the energy to manage a productive week.

I told myself, repeatedly, to suck it up so I’d have a day off to chill out.

As this week’s image spells it out: I am entirely made of flaws stitched together with good intentions. I didn’t finish the last of this week’s discussion board posts until today. And it was 11pm again before I could finally turn in the second of my papers. This, after a glorious weekend’s worth of weather that I missed almost entirely, pretending that I was staring at the laptop screen for productive reasons. At least, in the end, I turned in all the assignments on time. And that big work project I’ve been anticipating for months? I got good feedback about it on Friday, made the final updates to it before I left the office, and feel pretty well prepared for the actual event this week.

Then I will have a long weekend to enjoy… if I can manage the productivity thing in a week that has me seeing the sunrise as it happens… TWICE. Don’t expect great coherence from me Wednesday or Thursday. And all you morning people who came up with this idea that the rest of us could be corralled and ready to DO something at oh-dark-hundred… You can stuff your smugness where the sun don’t shine.


The great part of the week will be the beginning of another visit with my heart–my hubs and two huskies are evidently greatly anticipating my return to the great, white north, where spring is so far delayed I may still actually get to see the lilac bush bloom one final time before we permanently relocate out of Wisconsin.

Interestingly, this week I got to read a cautionary post for new graduates, which threw me back to the difficulty of finding ANY job after I completed my undergraduate degree, and reminded me to tick off one more week of my ongoing countdown to being done with my MBA. I’ve always said this is the end of school for me. I’m sick of having assignments due that reek of verbal masturbation. But then somebody else posted a link to a course in the Open University that highly intrigues me: Start writing fiction. I’m a little past the “start” bit myself, but the idea of having a regular source of critiques…? That very much appeals to me. We’ll see whether the course is still around once I’m past all the requirements for my degree. In the meantime, I also discovered the Daily Writing Tips site this week… and wasted spent a significant amount of time yesterday enjoying the offerings there. I would encourage everyone else to do so as well, both to bone up your grammar skills, and to learn all those Yiddish words we’ve appropriated into English.

Once again, I will nudge my kind visitors to go see how the rest of the ROW80 crew are doing on their goals. For myself, we’ll see whether this week’s flight nets me any new fiction words, given its early-morning take-off, but I promise I will at least keep up with my schoolwork. I may even get my walking in. Tune in next week to see how I do.

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2 thoughts on “Flaws and Good Intentions

  1. With so much on your plate, that cold must have made it very hard for you. I give you kudos for not dropping those big important things (work and studies). Me? I get the sniffles and I can’t get out of bed. I’m horrible. So, to me you are a wonder woman. Keep being awesome.

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