Finding Attitude

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.It’s been an interesting week. And it’s late, so this will be short. I was right to worry about the double class load, since I only just managed to turn in the second of the two papers due this week, which were piled on top of a quiz and four sets of discussion boards. But that also means I completed all the requirements for both classes this week. And added 133 words to the third Red Slaves book.

I took care of a few errands over the course of the week, meaning I did at least some mall walking (not usually what I’d count toward exercise, but it’ll do in a pinch these days). I also earned a new certification at work: I’m a certified scrum master, now. I had already been pretty Agile directed, but the whole philosophy of “fail fast” and short timeframes to develop potentially shippable product align in very interesting ways with NaNoWriMo and ROW80. I wonder whether any of the other participants in these two writing sprints have ever considered the parallel of risk mitigation (in the writer’s world, against poor writing!) by aiming for short turn-around on very specific goals…?

In fact, there’s an interesting life hack article about working smarter, not harder, that advocates making top-3 priorities lists to help ensure decent productivity. I’m not sure why, but for some reason, a list of three tasks that must be done is a lot easier for me to face than an endless to-do list–and makes you feel like you’ve given yourself bonus productivity when you start reaching further down the backlog. Unfortunately… my current top three tasks–work, school, and prepping for the move–seem endless at this point. I’m having to continually remind myself that this is a transition year, and adjust my attitude accordingly.

Thus, I will leave you with a YouTube video that gave me 10 minutes of a much-needed laugh this week–language-based silliness gets me every time. Particularly when someone riffs on the German accent and can say with a straight face “none of the floors in this hotel are tense at this time.” (You’ll have to watch it to get it.)


Don’t forget to visit the other ROW80ers to check on their progress, too.

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