book-escapeThis week the flu bug hit our house. Again. For two people focused on a healthy lifestyle, it feels like I’ve gone through this too often in the past year. I’m blaming it all on stress. Adding this MBA-pursuit to a full plate is not only giving me white hairs, but means my thin margins for balance and good health just got narrower.

So now I feel like I have narcolepsy. I slept all day Wednesday, all night Wednesday night, and half of Thursday. I thought I might get some work done Thursday afternoon, but picked up a book instead… so you’ll get another book review in the weeks ahead of another admirable indie author. But instead of really catching up to myself this weekend, I had social calendar obligations to attend a niece’s baby shower and a good friend’s wedding. On the same day.

I’m back to “I’ll just rest my eyes for a few minutes” turning into “that was a 2-hour nap?!”

So while I managed to meet my discussion board deadlines, and got the majority of my mid-term paper done, for the first time in the year I’ve been doing this school thing, I’m intentionally blowing a deadline. I need sleep more than I need those last five points.


On the other hand, I walked 5 out of the past 7 days, for over 8 miles.

And wrote a whopping 131 words of fiction.


I know Master’s programs are meant to be challenging, I just keep wondering why I decided to take on this challenge. Compounding the issue: The jury will be out for quite a few years on whether there is a long-term pay-off.

Meantime, I need to mitigate the headache that’s been lingering since Tuesday by pursuing my other escape: SLEEP!

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8 thoughts on “What a Headache

  1. I’m sending you lots of best wishes for as many sleeps as you need to get through the heavy workload. You’re doing the right thing, listening to your body. It knows what you need.

    And all the best with the studies and writing and, well, life in general. Hugs.

  2. But in spite of all, you did write this week. A story beginning? A start to a scene? A poem? A journal entry? It doesn’t matter. I’m curious how an MBA fits into all this love of writing, and not only because I began grad school pursuing an MBA, switched to an interdisciplinary MBA (English, business, computers), and ended up teaching — technical writing (etc) at the community college level. Sometimes when there’s too much stress, we need to sleep. Yes! Or read a book. Sometimes we need to face the stressor face on. May the coming week go better for you.

    1. I keep on trying to add words to the final installment of my trilogy. I’d *really* like to complete it before my readers forget me.
      As to how the MBA fits… That’s part of my problem. It’s mostly a back-up plan because I work at a university and would be foolish not to take advantage of a free degree in my current professional line of work. You know, in case the author-able-to-live-off-royalties thing doesn’t pan out. πŸ˜›

  3. Oh I wish I could indulge in sleep through the day. I have a frozen shoulder which refuses to let me sleep whatever time I try, and a large dog who will not let me be. Great going on the walking! And hey, even baby steps get us there, if they’re headed in the right direction. πŸ™‚

    1. Sometimes… it’s not really indulgence. Honestly, I was vaguely worried that I just could NOT keep my eyes open Wednesday. ::shrug::
      Sometimes the body enforces its own rules. πŸ˜€

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