DementionalI know, technically, it’s no longer Sunday, but I still wanted to post an update. An exciting one, at that: I MET MY GOAL!


I just finished incorporating all the changes my editor suggested, and am thrilled to be at the phase where I’ll be doing a read-through for any final tweaks and formatting issues with plenty of time before my deadline.

I may even beat my deadline. Though, given the way that life has intruded in recent weeks, I won’t be holding my breath. And even if I do manage to finalize the formatting and remaining tweaks in plenty of time for the 8/23 release date, that doesn’t mean I don’t have plenty of other things to keep me occupied.

For instance, I could get back to writing again. I’m still only 15K words into the sequel to Dust to Blood, and would like to get that published sometime around Christmas.

I’ll also be doing my best not to freak out over the impending beginning of the school year–when, in all likelihood, I’ll be a student again. I’m not sure how that will allow time for creative writing in the meantime, though I suppose my days will need to be more regimented even than they are now. We’ll see.

In the meantime, one big task is off my plate, and I will heave a relieved sigh as I finally get to bed tonight.


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