Release Day Party with Jennifer James

Today, my online friend and critiquer Jennifer James is celebrating the release of her second book, A Long Time Coming. She’s a busy lady this month, having just also released Love Kinection. Hop on, and enjoy the ride for her latest release day event. 🙂

LONG TIME COMING is my new book from Etopia Press. It’s written from the male point of view, and is full of fun, exhibitionist, naughty sex between two people who’ve had the hots for each other for years. And they’re finally in a *cough* position to act on their desires.

Rob Williams grew up fantasizing about his older sister’s best friend Joey Sanchez. His desire for her has never diminished. In fact, it’s grown to downright painful proportions. Now a young, workaholic attorney married to his job, he finds being home and confronted with the one woman he’s always wanted and never gotten to have–damned annoying. It’s making him quite grumpy.

Joey Sanchez spent many hours hanging out at the Williams’s place. A successful pharmaceutical rep, she’s independent, vivacious, and has no qualms about going after what she wants. She’s watched Rob grow from a gawky teenager to high school and college soccer star with no shortage of girlfriends. Her ties to Rob’s older sister Marcie always kept her from making a move. But Marcie’s getting married and Joey’s still single. And she’s tired of keeping her desires to herself.


A Long Time ComingThis scene takes place with Rob (hero) getting ready to leave his parent’s house and go stay at a hotel for the rest of the weekend. Joey (heroine) is trying to convince him to stay. She has no qualms about fighting dirty, and when Rob’s sister Marcie, her fiancee Jeff, and his parents get involved, well, he’s terribly outnumbered. 🙂 

“Yeah, for you maybe.” A splash to his right indicated Joey had climbed from the pool. “What are you up to?”

“Why so suspicious?” She closed the distance between them, putting extra swivel into her walk. When she stood six inches away, she stopped and wrapped his T-shirt in her hand. “At least give me a kiss before you go.”

His eyebrows rose in surprise.

She went on tiptoe, bringing her breasts into contact with his chest, and let her free hand rest on his waist. “What’s the matter? You chicken?”

“Never.” The teasing goaded him into capturing her lips with a slow, sweet kiss. A surprised sigh left her at the first contact, and she relaxed into him. He moved his head to change the angle of the kiss, and right before his lips touched hers, a sharp shove in the biceps and a leg behind his knocked him off balance, sending him tumbling into the pool with Joey.

The sound of teasing shouts and clapping reached him even under the water. When he came up for air he expected to see his sister or Jeff standing next to the pool. Instead, he spotted his mother, bent double and cackling.

“Did you get the picture Gary?”

Rob swiveled his head around and noticed his father standing on the patio, hoisting a camera in one hand.

“Even better, I got video.” His father peered down at the camera, pressed a few buttons, and gave him a thumbs-up. “Nice technique, son. Very well done.”

Rob shook his head and squeezed the bridge of his nose. Unbelievable.

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I’m giving away a copy of LONG TIME COMING and a set of Romance Trading Cards. (First prize gets the book, second prize gets the cards.) Anyone who enters the Rafflecopter will also be eligible to win the Grand Prize bag of Naughty Smex Beam Supplies. What’s in the bag? Oh, you know, just a whole bunch of stuff you need to get your weekend off to a right and tight start. 😉


Jennifer JamesFor a girl whose first book was called “The Scariest Forest Ever,” the jump to romance may seem to be a far one. But a love of happy endings and the stories she kept making up in her head for strangers on the street lead to an unhealthy amount of time spent behind the keyboard typing away and giggling mischievously over sassy heroines, sexy heroes, and healthy sprinklings of geek humor.

With time split between a day job staring at teeth, two little girls, college courses, workaholic husband, and too many voices in her head, Jennifer still finds time to sneak off and devour all the books she can find – even if it means hiding in the closet to read them.

She insists on her jokes being dirty, drinks spiked, and tattoos placed in intriguing, muscular places you can only find when the clothes come off.


Twitter: @JenniferJames34
Blogs I contribute to: Paranormalists
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