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Once again this week, I stumbled across an author on Twitter who is releasing a new book. @jennnixon is a veteran indie, with four novels under her belt (including one self-published). To help her kick off her fifth book launch, I invited her to join me here for an author interview. Enjoy!

Jenn Nixon1. You have mentioned that your first novel was a throw-away High School effort. What do you credit as having most contributed to your growth as an author into someone who is regularly published?

When I tried to promote said novel, I got very bad reviews. They were all correct, the book sucked. I knew, no matter what I tried, I’d needed to write, so I bucked up, joined a few writers groups, did my research, learned to write better, and pushed through.

2. Trust Me, Tell Me appears to be the third in a series. What was your inspiration for creating the characters of Mason Storm and Veronica Chance?

I honestly don’t remember when it happened, but somewhere in my head there was this little idea: A girl is searching for something, she ends up working at a strip club and has to give a VIP customer a lap dance and he ends up helping her. That’s it. It festered in my head for months. Popped into my head when I tried to go to sleep. One day, my brother was playing a video game. The main character’s last name was Mason. I liked it. Something clicked and the rest of the story came quickly after that.

Trust Me Tell Me3. Are you going to continue this series? How many books do you have planned for it?

I think their story is done. This one is a nice tied-up happy ending. Who knows though, characters have come back to haunt me on occasion.

4. You’ve been accepted as an author by several small presses. What made you decide to pursue several different publisher relationships?

I write in more than one genre and find there are very few places that will take a dark romantic suspense, humorous sci-fi romance, and a steamy mystery. So I had to find the right publishers for the manuscripts. This also helps me build a platform as all of my stories have some element of romance to tie my voice together.

5. Will you continue to work with multiple publishers?

I think so. Not only do I connect with other great writers and editors, I can hopefully widen my base of readers by publishing with multiple houses.

6. Is there a particular reason you prefer to work with independent publishers? Have you ever considered self-publishing?

Time Healers is actually self published. I wrote the story a long time ago for a friend of mine. I honestly only put it on Amazon for friends and family, though I have been surprised to see others have found it and enjoyed it. I’m not sure I will go the self-publishing route right now, perhaps in the future when I’m more experienced.

7. What caused the long break between publishing Play Nice and Live to See Tomorrow and the first Time Healers book?

I didn’t go about publishing Play Nice the right way and I totally wasn’t ready. I think I wrote two or three novels in between Play Nice and Time Healers. None of them will see the light of day unless I go back to scratch. I still have one project I started writing in 2005 that I’m trying to find a publisher for, it’s a toughie this one, but I’m not giving up it’s one of my favorites.

8. You’re on quite a roll with your recent publication timeline. How many books do you plan to release in 2012? How many novels have you completed so far?

I hope to have 2-3 books published this year at a minimum. One novella is already out and the other two are in various stages with the publishers. I would love to get one or two more with publishers for end-of-year releases, so keep your fingers crossed for me! 🙂 In total, including the bad ones, I probably have about 6 completed novels on my hard drive and about 10 stalled projects.

9. You’re a self-described Jersey girl. How much does that infuse your writing? (I’m thinking of parallels to Janet Evanovich here, if any.)

Ah, I love Jersey. I really do. Yes, yes, parts of it stink, the traffic is horrendous, there’s always construction, but where else can you go to the woods, the mountains, the beach, visit a casino, eat Taylor Ham at a diner, see a sports game or concert, enjoy all four seasons (usually!), and still be within 2-4 hours from some of the coolest places in the country like New York City and Washington DC!

I haven’t set many of my novels in New Jersey, I did in earlier works but find it’s more fun to explore a new place or revisit somewhere I’ve been or make a place up completely, that’s the best.

10. You’ve mentioned a work history as a park activities coordinator, waitress, telemarketer, payroll specialist and payroll supervisor. How often do your various work experiences find expression in your novels?

I still have a snippet in my head about using my payroll background for some type of mystery or thriller but nothing’s come together yet. Mainly the people I’ve worked with find their way into my novels via funny things they’ve said or done that work well with a character.

11. Author’s choice: What question did I not ask that you think I should have?

Seriously? I can’t think of one. Maybe what’s my favorite color? It’s purple. LOL! Thank you so much for this interview it was lots of fun!!

Author Bio:
Jenn Nixon resides in New Jersey. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Liberty State Fiction Writers. Her love for thrillers and suspense often finds its way into her novels whether they are Science Fiction or Romance. When not writing, Jenn spends her free time reading, absorbing pop culture and current events, and social networking online.

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