ROW80 Check-in: Dementional PUBLISHED

DementionalIt’s possible I’m going a little overboard with excitement this week… But I actually managed to finalize the print design AND the blurb, and now my second book is live for purchase online.


This time I have a nifty 3-D image of what the paperback looks like, too.


Yes, there was much rejoicing this weekend. And all of a sudden, I felt at loose ends. I met my major goal: I had done everything I wanted to do to get my second book out and promoted.

So I’m adding to my promo plate and looking for additional opportunities to publicize Dementional.

I also publicized the goal of an additional 5K words on Blood to Fire by the end of the month. I’m down to five days to accomplish that, but I think it’s still in the realm of possibility. (Plus, I found that nifty widget that allows me to post progress updates without needing to post additional rambling words here… Check it out in the right-hand column, after the list of my books generated by Goodreads.)

That means if all goes well, the final month of this round should be dedicated to #wordmongering sprints to get as close as possible to my 55K-word goal on Blood to Fire.

This week I also need to clear up the question of when, exactly, I’m to begin my MBA studies. Once that starts (theoretically, right after Labor Day), I fully expect to have to re-adjust my own expectations.

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4 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in: Dementional PUBLISHED

  1. Tonya, I love that book cover, it’s excellent! Well done on getting it out into the world! That’s an excellent feeling. I wish you every success with promotion and sales and may the words for Blood to Fire flow freely.

    Cheers, Cate (ROW80)

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