"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." -Earl NightingaleAnother class bites the dust… and I’m halfway through my MBA program. And I just completed all the courses required to finish the marketing concentration. Through week 7 grades I even managed to maintain my 100% average, so even if I completely bomb my last assignments (which doesn’t seem likely), the lowest I’d get would still be a high B–its own surprise.

It seems like it’s been forever since I started and I have forever to go… but based on how quickly 2013 flew by, I’m guessing I’ll be done with these classes sooner than I expect. Then I really won’t have any excuses to avoid producing my daily word count.

This week, I got caught in the flight of fancy that is Jasper’s Tale, and wrote 340 words to get it well underway. In between the major research of what turned out to be a 27-page paper for my final, it occurred to me that was probably not the best focus for me. According to the KKP future release plan, the final installment of my Red Slaves trilogy is coming out in February. As that story has languished at 5,958 words for … a while … that dose of reality slapped me upside the head.

This being the time to plan, and report on our plans, I’ve decided that the 3-week span before I face another class WILL be productive. I WILL finish writing Fire to Dragon in January so it can be edited and out the door on time. Editors book up quickly, you know?, so I must put myself on a timeline. From a practical perspective, that means the next three weeks each need to have at least 2,000-word production per day.

{deep breath}

This is like belated, concentrated NaNoWriMo. I can do this, right…?

We’ll see.

Meantime, I’m breathing a sigh of relief at the break in my class schedule, as well as a deeper sigh of relief that our car insurance reimburses for towing, after the adventure my Thursday became. And whoever Earl Nightingale is, he’s a genius for reminding me that time passes, there’s no need to let it pass without some dreaming. Right now, my dream is to continue with the three releases per year rate of publishing, which means I better be in the habit of major word production on a regular basis to avoid letting that dream drift to dust.

In the meantime, check out how all the other ROW80ers are doing with their goals.

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