Today was the day. It was supposed to have been yesterday, but the night kept getting later, it had already been a long week, and we didn’t want any error creep.

DementionalSo today, I present to you: Dementional.

This time, I’m releasing the print and eBook versions at the same time, and Katarr Kanticles Press has come up with a sweet deal: If you’re inclined to buy the paper version, we’re giving you the digital copy for free.

We see it as a 2-for-1 deal for readers, to thank them for supporting realistic pricing for indies–and being willing to carry a copy of our babies so the world can see the beauty of their covers.


I have another thought floating in the back of my mind about this move too: In the wake of the crazy lynch mob that brought down the legitimate book-loaning site LendInk, I want to be on the side of authors who are willing to support the legal lending that comes with owning a DRM-free version of an eBook. I think this represents the best kind of word-of-mouth marketing an author can have: Friends sharing their books as a tacit (or explicit) recommendation of that content. We do it with paperbacks all the time; why shouldn’t we be allowed the same freedom with our digital copies?

I have also set a special library purchase price for my book, to reduce that barrier to entry as well.

The most authentic way for us to build our audience/readership is when those readers are enthusiastic enough to give their circle of friends a recommendation to read our work. Whatever I can do as an author to make that process easier is to my benefit; it’s part of the same marketing calculation that has me sending out free review copies to other reviewers.

So… any reviewers who are interested, let me know.


And I hope all of you enjoy this strange tale my mind concocted that lies somewhere in the intersection of “Quantum Leap” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”–and considers the mass of a soul.

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2 thoughts on “Release Day: Dementional

  1. This is fantastic! I think it really is a wonderful idea and now that I have an e reader, that I’m actually in love with, I completely understand what all the fuss is about!

    I was fortunate enough to join the tour through Orangeberry so I got to review the Arc and I have to say it is really interesting! Your imagination holds no bounds!!! Sadly, my review will not be out until the 28th but I’ll make sure to add in this link with it 😀

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