"Some days, the world is too loud, for a quiet soul." - J. Rose | The Minds Journal

Our new place lends itself to bird watching, though we still do it more from the wonder at the range of species with whom we live in close proximity than anything as formal as a birding log or even falling back on the old birding guides I know my grandparents made regular use of. Every week or two, a bald eagle will soar overhead… more than likely chivvied along by a local crow. And we’re seeing geese fly toward Aquia Harbor – and can see a lot of that water from our house through the naked tree branches now. I suppose picking up birding wouldn’t be the worst habit I might pick up from my ancestors.

It makes me think about some of the pervasive myths about survival in the wild.

And then there’s the new thing about going “Goblin mode,” Oxford’s “word of the year” this year. I can get with the lazy part of this, and can even see how dressing for comfort might edge in this direction, but I have a hard time getting behind slovenly and greedy. Unless those have been defined by someone who’s not getting every last drop of my energy to serve their needs. Luckily, I’ve learned a lot about defining how I live my life on my own terms. In partnership with hubs and our fur-babies.

Which makes reading about successful marriages an interesting set of observations that significantly reflect our reality. Of course, it’s always a good reminder to stay calm during an argument. But more than that, we’ve found that the more important thing is to be present for conversations about the things that are bothering us. More often than not, a discussion and cuddle is enough to resolve the angst disrupting our inner calm. I think that’s actually the biggest benefit of a strong partnership: We provide for each other that space that allows us inner quietude. Naturally, being at a distance from DC has also brought a measure of peace, despite the fact that the world continues down its loud, disruptive path.

We’ve had a few of those disruptions here, as our puppy gets through his teething and growing phase, some of them quite costly. So I’m looking forward to the quiet of the holiday season to enjoy more time at home, falling more toward the introspection that is my native state. I wish you and yours a similar time of restoration and quietude. May the season’s push toward hibernation and cocooning allow you to emerge revitalized into the new year.

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