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"Don't get comfortable where you are. There is something bigger, something better, something more rewarding in front of you."It’s been a thrilling week for me: I was offered the opportunity to take the next step in my project management career by becoming a portfolio manager. Of course, this kind of big change brings up a host of emotions–not the least of which is sadness at no longer working with the excellent crew of folks I’ve gotten to know in the past year and a half at my current job. It also coincided with one of my Twitter buddies posting a reminder of the differences between good bosses and bad ones, and hubs forwarding a link to the list of reasons people could be institutionalized for in the late 1800s. The first came as the kind of heads-up that tells me I’m on the right track. The second… well. Mental Excitement? Periodic Fits? Brain Fever? Asthma? Apparently I’m a bedlamite already.


This should be nicely helped along by the travel schedule introduced by my new job: I’ll be in Florida the week of the 24th. I’ll be in Maryland for a day the week after that… And then it’s time for my annual visit to Gayla, in Texas. Hubs-the-ever-helpful found a link to 27 game-changing frequent flyer hacks, though $85 for the TSA pre-check clearance seems a racket from this vantage point. I think I will take hubs’ recommendation of a home spa bath when I get back, though.

With all that hubbub, and since we’re building up slowly from the injury situation from a week ago, we didn’t walk as much as I normally like: We went on 6 of 7 days, for a total of 7.65 miles. There was no stay-at-home date night this week either, since we got a last-minute invitation to spend some time with our neighbors. That turned into a late night of fun conversations, and I’m grateful once more for having found a congenial neighborhood for us to land in.

Taking care of the various details to make sure this professional change flows without hitches meant no time or attention for any kind of return to writing work. But hubs and I were introduced to a dramatic new healing modality: KST. We’re ready to sign him up to be certified to add this technique to his practice later this fall after the results we’ve already seen on ourselves.

None of this is to say there aren’t still an abundance of story ideas out there for me to pursue. (Hubs sent me a list of 13 freaky coincidences, any one of which could be the hook to a great story.) I know I need to finish all of my Red Slaves story (or stories, depending on how you’re counting) first, but I also need to find my new rhythm with all these changes. We’ll see how long it takes me this time. At least I found useful information about re-establishing a working login to my home desktop computer after the Windows 10 upgrade failure last week. It wasn’t even that painful, though I did have to redo all my preferences again. I don’t know that I’ll try that upgrade for a while again–at least until I hear of people who’ve managed it without issues.

Until next week, I’ll be thinking about packing, and you can check in with all my other ROW80 cohorts.

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6 thoughts on “Something Bigger, Better, More

  1. Congrats on the new job and subsequent adventures related to it!

    I know what its like to juggling writing and theatre, or just enjoying the summer month. Last weekend was definitely about hanging with friends and being unplugged Saturday and Sunday.

    Love the quotes and the furbabies, BTW!!

  2. Lots of good going on – I missed hearing about the injury, but hope the wounded party is feeling better now….

    I managed the Windows 10 upgrade with no more than tiny little wrinkles to iron – but my needs are few, and simple, and I’m rather easily satisfied. I gather that you know and maybe need a lot more specialization than I do, so YMMV….

    I’m guessing the new opportunity will provide writing fodder, if not the time or focus for it just yet.

    BTW, I love those three attentive sets of pricked ears, and the message they offer! =D

    1. My home computer is pretty vanilla, so I was surprised by the blue screen experience… then hear a colleague with significant computer expertise had the same issue, so…
      That picture of my three from this past December is one of my favorites, so when I saw that unattributed quote float by… decided it was too good an opportunity not to share the cuteness. 😉

      1. I’ve read that there was an update that caused some folks problems – but I seem to have dodged that bullet. Sorry you didn’t.

        So glad you had the inspiration to use the image with those forward looking canines! <3

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