When life gets harder, you must have just leveled up.Somehow, it’s far too easy to end up with an overloaded week. I’m remembering why I’ve been procrastinating about studying for the PMP: It’s an exhausting proposition. When combined with full weeks of work plus additional, unexpected, time-consuming tasks… I’ve spent most of my weekend asleep, trying to catch up with myself, and thus have again fallen behind on things I would’ve liked to have done.


Nonetheless, we walked 5 of the 7 days of last week, for a total of 14.3 miles. This, despite the seriously rainforest-like atmosphere gracing our neighborhood lately. I still need to fix my computer and take care of other random administrivia hanging over my head, but it’s too easy to fall back on the old laptop and avoid the headaches involved in hard drive replacement, formatting, and software installation. While avoiding those things, I was still doing practice exams, and have pulled up my average score by 10 points. That means if I can pull up my average score another 10 points in the next week or two, I should be good to go.

I think hubs even found the reward I want for when I actually finish with the $%&^! PMP: Canoeing the Potomac. While the weather has prompted research into ways to let the dogs carry their own water, I don’t think they’re of a mindset to ride calmly along the river with us, so it should be a nice date day for the two of us… barring a barrage of mosquitoes.

This week was also when scientists reported that future events impact what happened in the past, so I’m trying to trick myself into knowing the certification exam goes off without a hitch, and that’s why my scores on the practice exams are getting better. If you don’t think about it too hard, it could make sense. Or read more Alan Watts quotes. The Zen approach may yet save me. Of course, these links and others are courtesy my sweet hubs, who knows I need a brain break, but it also makes me nervous to recognize myself in the 7 traits of a free thinker, when that will NOT help with the exam.

So I’m trudging to the end of round two trying to avoid feeling overwhelmed, and then I saw the tiger I’m sharing with today’s post. I’m taking it as another Message from the Universe that I Will Pass… Even if two of the goals I had set for this round are completely shot out of the water. Getting past all these extra tasks, though, should mean I’m ready to start the next round fresh and ready to go with new fiction words. So I’ll once again refer you to my ROW80 cohorts so you can cheer their progress, even if mine is of the minimalist variety.

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