Common interests and a good brain stay sexy for life.It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to take a non-family-visit kind of vacation. I’ve been enjoying this one for all it’s worth–staying up late, talking about anything that comes to mind, and realizing that for any small, superficial differences, I have a very good friend in Gayla. The storms in Texas on Sunday meant our original plans were scuttled, and we never did get past about two minutes of initial discussion of our Tolteca idea, but sharing other story ideas, process, marketing ideas/thoughts/experiences, and the general hilarity that ensues with a conversation that meanders past 4am somehow made the image I’m sharing this week, which floated past on my Facebook feed, too funny not to share in the context of two married female friends who geek out on scifi and fantasy.


And despite the travel and the lack of sleep and the seeing horses and playing with doggies and work responsibilities… I still got my school assignment done and turned in on time yesterday. I even added a handful of words today.

So I’m happy with the week even though I’ve been sitting on my butt more than I’m used to and still didn’t get a whole lot of words added to my total. I got to have fun–mostly apropos of nothing.


I don’t know that this week will be too much more productive, since I don’t get home until Saturday, will be working hard to get my mom organized, and have a final due on Sunday, but it’s sure been nice to enjoy a complete change of pace and scenery.

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