Indievengence DayI woke up this morning at the ungodly hour of 4AM for a very good reason: I FINALLY got the chance to meet some of my online besties. Gayla and I have been talking about catching up in the flesh for well over a year. Our first plan was to attend a writer’s conference in May. That ended up not working out for a variety of reasons. (Think starving artists, here, folks, and buy our books! <G>)

Then I discovered Dionne was planning on meeting up with her TweepNation broadcast partner in Dallas in October. Amber proceeded to make it a whole event: Indievengeance day is on for tomorrow, and by hanging out for a few hours in Dallas after my arrival, I got to see Dionne and Ciara, and had the bonus of meeting ME Franco too.

I couldn’t not figure out a way to make this happen and I’m grateful to all the Powers That Be that it’s worked out. So. For the next few days I’ll be hanging out at Gayla’s, with the hope that we’ll get to spend time writing as well as chit-chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

It’s a nice change of pace generally, and while I’m slap-happy tired at the moment, I’m so very thankful for the community of gracious fellow writers I’ve found my way into.

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