Sass, Snark, & Serendipity – Aces Wild Release Day

Sass, Snark, & SerendipityToday, my good friend and crit partner Fiona Druce is celebrating the release of her debut novel. So a group of us decided to join the party to push her out into the world in style.

The original plan was to hop around the first release date she’d been given. Unless there’s a time-warp, we’re a week early for that goal…

And there you have my snark, sass, and serendipity commentary all wrapped up in one sentence, because next week also starts the madness that is the A-Z blog challenge. So Fi gets a day all on her own this week on my blog to revel in the snarky fun of her book.

Because the world revolves around me that way.


And because Fiona’s story is about a woman with her own challenges about snark, Fiona has invited those of us with experience writing about those kinds of characters to share a little of our stories. Since one of the prizes in the give-away that goes with the blog hop is the first two eBooks of my Red Slaves series, I thought I’d give a small preview of the kind of snark you’ll see there:

“Do you remember what you were doing before you zoned out?”

“Sure. Igor was saying the language on the cards was some variant of Chinese and Ivan was using Vasily and Fyodor to see if they couldn’t access draconic memories. Ivan grabbed my hand and pulled me into it. I saw a vision of a sky full of dragons and the oldest of them landed in front of us. He addressed us as children!” The memory of that epithet still makes me scowl.

“We knew the race was long-lived from what Natasha had told us, so 30-something human years is unlikely to impress any elders.”

“Yeah. But he didn’t have to make it sound so condescending. After all, we were looking for a source of knowledge or insight. That’s not childish behavior.”

“Maybe you’re just sensitive.”

I stick my tongue out at her. “Now you see childish behavior.”

Our laughter brings Andrei and Igor hurrying into the room. “You’re awake.”

“Quod erat demonstrandum.”

Igor snorts and says, “The men are all still non-responsive. Maybe if you try, you can get them to waken?”

I glance at Olga. “Do we know it’s necessary for them to wake up? Olga made a cogent observation earlier: We don’t know what the norm is for these beings.”

“You are one of them, so you should stop talking that way.” Igor hasn’t lost his habit of injecting the last word into a conversation.

“Fine. I’ll see what I can do. But if their teeth are as sharp as mine, I’m staying at least an arm’s length away.”

Good luck to those participating in the Rafflecopter–and to Fiona. May her book sell like hotcakes, launching her career in the style it deserves.

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12 thoughts on “Sass, Snark, & Serendipity – Aces Wild Release Day

  1. I can’t wait to have a bit of cash available. The first thing I’ll be buying will be Aces Wild!

    1. YAY! This may not surprise you, but that sentence is what makes me squee like a little girl in a frilly tutu shop!! 😀

      — The author of ACES WILD, lol 😀

      And don’t forget to add Red Slaves, because the action starts? And just never stops. You’ll pick it up and never put it down again. Permanent fixture. 😀

  2. I hadn’t heard of the Red Slaves till I saw this blog hop, but now I totally want to read it!

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