Hump Day Hook: Red Slaves 2 – Blood to Fire #HDH Take 3

hump-day-hookI’ve started the critique and editorial process on Blood to Fire, and am getting more and more excited about sharing the final result with you in a few weeks. In the meantime, you get to make do with yet another snippet:

You ask so many questions at once it’s difficult to get a word in edgewise. Of course I know where other dragons are. We are here in the western edge of the Himmapan.

Seriously? That place is real?

If you would stop interrupting, I could finish answering your previous questions.

I’m all but vibrating in my urgency to understand how we could have landed in a mythical, mystical place, and lean in to show my close attention.

The mythical always has its basis in reality; in this part of the world, our separation from standard geography took place at about the same time as it did in the west, with the retreat of Avalon–and much the same effect. Magical creatures of great power can still make the transition, but it happens much more infrequently with the greatly reduced population of magic-bearers.

I could listen to this lecture all day, so creep closer and settle down. I notice Ivan, too, has wedged himself tight against me, with one wing unfurled across my back. For once, I don’t care whether he is acting possessive. Vasily and Fyodor have also rejoined us, and are fixated with rapt attention on Shr-Zen. I’m glad this time it’s not a voodoo transference, and vow to catalog all the sensory inputs to make sure I don’t miss any of the details.

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