#AtoZChallenge – C is for Chernivtsi

ChernivtsiThird day, third letter, third introduction to Dust to Blood as my theme for this year’s A to Z blog challenge. Final count for participants: 1930. Quite a few people; click on the link and go read what others have to blog about too.


Chernivtsi is Anne’s second stop in her research tour around Russia. She describes it thusly:

Compromising on the ultimate destination, we decide to make Chernivtsi our initial base of operations. It’s close to the Romanian and Moldovan borders and, being a city with a population of over 200,000 residents and recognized as one of two cultural centers in the Ukraine, should have some further research resources—at least as relates to myths and fables that might link firebirds and dragons to our current quest. Being recognized as a cultural and architectural gem will also mean I can avoid bunking in the chopper—and will give me a valid reason to take my nose out of the books every once in a while to rest my eyes on a beautiful city.

When I wrote about this city I randomly plucked it off a map as being in the correct general area I knew she needed to go, but was surprised at the beauty of some of the pictures I found of the place online. Based on pictures like what I’ve posted above and below, someday I think it would be nice to visit there:

Chernivtsi central park

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