Time is precious, waste it wisely.It’s the beginning of another edition of Round of Words in 80 days. This time, I’m actually one of the sponsors. It’s not a lot to ask–just an inspirational post for the group blog, and weekly support for the other members–but considering I’ve participated in the group since July of 2012… I’m overdue for paying back the support the community has given me over the years. So it’s not really a waste of time, even though it will require some care in allocating how I spend those weekly hours I have free. Considering today is World Animal Day, it’s only appropriate that I share the sweet image the Wolf Conservation Center posted earlier this week to hammer home how important it is to recognize and prioritize in alignment with your goals.

Which is ultimately the point of ROW80 anyway: What do you want to achieve and how will you hold yourself accountable for hitting the milestones you’re setting?

Luckily for me, hubs is making sure I’m not wasting any more time on the ear ache/flu that debilitated me last week. His ability to treat the common and uncommon ailments he’s run across in his career as an acupuncturist still blows my mind–and I’ve been benefiting from his skills for 7 years now. He shares some of the readings he does about alternative treatments, like the one he found about black seed this week, and it’s hard not to feel like Americans are dupes in the high-money-stakes game that is our western medical health care system. Certainly, our medical costs have gone way down and our health has improved with him at the reins.

He also likes to poke my brain into hyper-activity with articles like the one he forwarded this week about life being a braid in space and time.

I suppose it’s his way of poking my sleeping writing bear.


With that in mind… My goals for this round:

  1. Write at least 400 words of fiction at least 5 days a week.
  2. Comment on at least 5 ROW80 participant blogs weekly.
  3. Blog at least weekly.
  4. Post at least three new book reviews.
  5. Continue the weekly stay-at-home date night habit.
  6. Walk at least 1.5 miles at least 6 times a week.

Two stretch goals:

  1. Finish Red Slaves #3.
  2. Participate in NaNoWriMo… to win.

If I at least meet my first goal, I should be able to meet my first stretch goal, since this round ends right before Christmas, and meeting that first goal would net me 24,000 new words. I’m planning on looking up my old buddies from #wordmongering and #1k1h to push me back into the writing groove. I’ve allowed too many things to interfere with what I want to do and need to re-orient my inner compass. Start wasting my time more productively. If I can build up a minimal writing habit in October, I could maybe even manage the crazy writing sprint requirements of November to complete the NaNo challenge.


I’m not sure I’ll start on that great of a foot with these goals this week, since we’ve decided to road-trip our way back to Wisconsin for a family wedding… But I’m really looking forward to spending time with hubs in a more concentrated way. We can debate the nature of reality and how we’ve braided spacetime together so nicely. Until then, I’ll refer you to my fellow ROW80 participants to see what they’ve set for goals and cheer everyone on.

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5 thoughts on “Time is Precious

  1. It looks like you’ve got some great goals lined up for this round! Mind if I borrow some? I haven’t figured mine out yet. 🙂
    You have fun braiding your spacetime!

  2. Decided to leave my mark, Best of luck to your word count and goals. May thy document be filled to the brim with text. It seems our on and off temperamental lover NaNoWriMo is just around the corner.
    I hope your muse is behaving and thinking up recipes for your other WIP.

  3. Hi Tonya.
    Just thought I’d drop by your blog and “waste my precious time wisely” wishing you a successful round. 🙂 Your word-count goal seems very achievable. I’d be willing to bet that you’ll soon find your writing-stride and will be pumping out NaNo-caliber word-counts by the end of this month. I wish you the best!

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