Lucky 7: Lines From The 7th Page

Gayla tagged me for this meme, so I’m going to follow her directions as a variant preview for Dust to Blood, which is slated for release next month.

  1. Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
  2. Go to line 7
  3. Copy down the next seven lines (sentences??) as they are – no cheating
  4. Tag 7 other authors

Here we go:

“You must read what I’ve found; decide for yourself. As I said earlier, here is no good. You must stay wis me. No more official hotel, yes? You visit wis me, yes?”

“I’m not sure… Do you have enough space for me?” At this point I’m worried about having to stay in one of those one-room apartments legendary because of Moscow’s status as a space-strapped, over-populated, egalitarian city.

Actually not a bad indication of how the story starts: Anne arrives, meets her boss’ contact, and starts to get a sense of the impact a repressive regime has on its population’s perception–it makes them almost comically paranoid about being spied upon, so she’s invited to stay in a private residence to avoid that issue.

As for the seven other authors… These are drawn from people I know from Twitter who are getting ready to release books in the next month or so, too:

  1. Dionne Lister
  2. Breeana Puttroff
  3. Justin Bogdanovitch
  4. Jennifer Iacopelli
  5. Monica Pierce
  6. Jane Isaac
  7. Trish Nicholson

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