And if, when it is all over, I'm asked what I did with my life, I want to be able to say, "I offered love." -Terri St. Cloud

This month, hubs and I celebrated our silver anniversary. It’s certainly an inflection point, but in the end, mostly just about helping each other make our dreams into reality. We were able to achieve a milestone this past year that we hadn’t anticipated for a few years yet when we bought our house. We’ve settled into a new rhythm here, and are now seeing the final days of our fist full year in this place.

Now it’s time to get back to our other dreams. I’ve started writing book three of my Planet Seekers series, though it’s been delayed by an editorial job that should result in an audio book edition for book one. Hubs is refocusing on work on his next album.

We’re both feeling the stirrings of Spring – though, to be honest, it feels more like allergies than real creativity at this point. So a creative take on alternative forms of meditation caught my interest. As did a literature review about the arguments against free will. And a summary of the leading discoveries in physics in 2022. More concerning was reading about Bonhoeffer’s “Theory of Stupidity.” And recognizing he might be onto something.

It’s still remarkable to look back across the years, and feel time speeding up. We’re talking less about new dreams and more about deepening our understanding and connection. Certainly for me, facing the reality that menopause is around the corner means final closure to the dream of my own family. It will always be a dark corner of sadness, but there is release in facing forward and making decisions about what this alternate shape of my life will look like. What the legacy is that I will leave behind to people who have no blood-bonded reason to care about me.

It’s a new way of thinking about the future. Having seen how quickly the past twenty-five years have flown by, it’s also a bit worrying the number of big projects we keep committing our attention to. I suppose that’s a way of saying we’re both in decent health and still have a goodly number of other dreams to pursue.

So I’ll reiterate my audacious goal of 2023: Release book three as well as at least two audio books. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, as per usual.

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