Dust to Blood

Dust to BloodIt’s a simple formula: Magical power equals political power…

Sparks are flying between researcher Anne Crosby and no less than nine men–but it’s not what you think. Whenever these nine amnesiacs touch anyone, electrical mayhem results. More surprising: all of them have dust instead of blood in their veins, even though they’re quite alive. It’s Anne’s job to track down who and what these men are, even though she takes a dim view of the supernatural.

Her research takes Anne to Russia and the discovery of the devastating magical source behind the former Soviet Union’s power–a source the resurrected KGB wants back. Anne must stop them, and they’ll do anything to stop her.

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As part of the 2012 A to Z Blog challenge I created 26 posts on the A to Z of the book. Here are easy links to those entries for those of you who are interested in reading more about the impetus behind these elements.

Characters Anne, Fyodor, Gyorgi, Ivan, Natasha, Olga, Vasily
Locations Chernivtsi, Ekaterinburg, Manpupuner, Urals
Food Borscht, jam
Concepts Dacha, Hero, Library, Petroglyphs, Quest, Rasputin, Red Slaves, Cold War, Tzar
Language Kak dyelah, Tovarishch, Xarasho, Ya ne panimayu

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Dust to Blood (Red Slaves, #1)

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