Blood to Fire

It’s a simple trade: Magical power for your humanity…

Researcher Anne Crosby came to Russia to solve the mystery of amnesiac Ivan Krempenski. Instead, she became part of the mystery. Never a believer in the paranormal, Anne discovers Ivan’s true dragon form–and her own.

The old Soviet Union once held Russian dragons captive, siphoning off their magic to cement their power. The resurgent KGB believes enslaving them again will return the Communists to their former might.

New mates Anne and Ivan must learn to control their bewildering new abilities, stay one step ahead of the KGB, and restore their kind before dragons slip into myth…or slavery.

Blood to Fire (Red Slaves #2)

As part of the 2013 A to Z Blog challenge I created 26 posts on the A to Z of the book. Here are easy links to those entries for those of you who are interested in reading more about the impetus behind these elements.

Characters ghilen, queen, Solzhenitsyn, Shr Zen
Locations Himmapan, Kazakhstan, mineral springs
Objects books, Dashka Stone, eggs, juniper
Concepts American, Communism, flight, intelligentsia, love, occult, rescue, travel, unwanted, visit, expatriate
Language niu wen, perestroika, Yi Ding

Readers’ Favorite gave book 2 a 4-star review.

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