A Dragon Shifter Romance in the Heart of Russia

Romance. Dragons. And the Soviet Union.

There's an old power growing in the mountains of Russia. The RED SLAVES series.

There’s more magic in our world than we realize – at least, that’s what researcher Anne Crosby realizes when a paranormal investigation takes her to Russia. But when her quest dramatically escalates and she finders herself in the presence of immense magical power – not to mention dragons – Anne is caught in a life or death political struggle.  

Follow Anne and Ivan over the course of the series as they negotiate a way for dragon shifters to avoid becoming Red Slaves once again.

The Red Slaves Collection is an urban fantasy dragon shifter romance box set that includes all four books: Dust to Blood, Blood to Fire, Fire to Dragon, and a bonus, in-world cross-over novella, Dragon’s Pursuit

“Like nothing I’ve seen before.”

Moriah Venable

“Danger and Magic! Dust to Blood is full of adventure, Tonya’s writing slowly pulls you into the story page by page until you are totally intrigued and can’t put the book down.”


“I love and am absolutely obsessed with dragons and this book really hit the nail on the head for me.”


Four Books, All In One.

Get the entire adventure in a single, omnibus collection. This box set includes:

Dust to Blood

It’s a simple formula: Magical power equals political power…

Sparks are flying between researcher Anne Crosby and no less than nine men–but it’s not what you think. Whenever these nine amnesiacs touch anyone, electrical mayhem results. More surprising: all of them have dust instead of blood in their veins, even though they’re quite alive. It’s Anne’s job to track down who and what these men are, even though she takes a dim view of the supernatural.

Her research takes Anne to Russia and the discovery of the devastating magical source behind the former Soviet Union’s power–a source the resurrected KGB wants back. Anne must stop them, and they’ll do anything to stop her.

Blood to Fire

It’s a simple trade: Magical power for your humanity…

Researcher Anne Crosby came to Russia to solve the mystery of amnesiac Ivan Krempenski. Instead, she became part of the mystery. Never a believer in the paranormal, Anne discovers Ivan’s true dragon form–and her own.

The old Soviet Union once held Russian dragons captive, siphoning off their magic to cement their power. The resurgent FSK believes enslaving them again will return the Communists to their former might.

New mates Anne and Ivan must learn to control their bewildering new abilities, stay one step ahead of the FSK, and restore their kind before dragons slip into myth…or slavery.

Fire to Dragon

In the mountains of Russia, an old power is growing…

Born as a human in America, Anne Crosby discovered something new inside herself when she traveled to Russia: she’s a dragon. And not any ordinary fire-breathing beast, but the next queen of the Russian dragons. A queen without her court.

Magic transformed her into a dragon and gave her the right to rule, but Magic forgot to give her a guidebook for the new world she’s living in.

Anne made dangerous enemies when she stole the power of the dragons from the Russian government. The FSB is hunting her. Allies have been turned into traitors. And her tenuous grip on power depends on her finding the missing people who complete her court. If she can find them in time, there is a promise of immortal joy. If she can’t, then the dragons will once again become slaves.

Dragon’s Pursuit

Maxim Krempenski wants to get through his thesis defense to earn his political science Ph.D. He must, in order to help his dragon-shifter family survive the new Russia. The Elder Gods have other plans and force him to take a break at The Hotel Paranormal, where he learns fellow student Yuliya Orlov may be even more trouble than he imagined. 

What Reviewers Are Saying

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this book, but I was completely sucked in from the first page! There is a lot of mystery and suspense that kept me turning the pages. The story is told from Anne’s point of view, and I loved how the author set this book in Russia. Her description of the environs was exceedingly detailed; I felt like I was actually there!”

Lynn Worton

“It has a lot of really interesting characters with interesting background stories and I never knew what would happen next. The novel is a cliffhanger and I’m really excited to read what else Anne discovers. I definitely recommend this book!”


“If you are looking for an in-depth look into Russia with a great supernatural story attached to it, this is one to add to your cart today.”