Life Tip: When nothing goes right, go to sleepI wonder how much bad news humans can handle–asking for a friend. Despite how much I’ve backed off social media, and how much I’ve been bingeing Star Trek: The Next Generation, news keeps slipping in between the cracks. The writer friend who created #wordmongering lives in northern California. She was forced to grab her furbabies and husband and flee for their lives in the face of the inferno that has enveloped that region. She lost everything. Another writer friend had a different kind of family crisis.

Tonight I see #metoo trending in response to an entirely different kind of despicable series of reports in the past week. And I have to stand with the multitude of friends I’ve had to support through similar experiences. And question how I’ve managed to get off lightly with mere dick pics, unwanted advances, and catcalls.

This weekend, I slept. I’m not sure how much of a return of the flu bug this was (though I did have a fever and headache), versus how much the existential weight of it all just ground me into the pillows. Earlier in the week I’d read about tricks from neuroscience to help increase emotional intelligence. Which naturally reminded me of an old post about words for experiences and emotions that don’t exist in English.

All litost-inducing.

Which is why an article about Jeff Goldblum, all the Star Trek I can handle, and new research about skin pigmentation haplotypes really help with reminding me to smile.

As does this Honest Trailer:

Still no editing work. At least hubs and I have enjoyed watching Star Trek: Discovery together. That show’s writing has really hit its stride, and is starting to get into some fascinating scifi realms. As well as explaining how the so-advanced mycelium engine the ship sports didn’t make it into later generations of starships. (At least, speculatively, now that we’re five episodes in.) Some of the stiffness in characterization and dialogue is working itself out. The releationship between Michael and Tilly continues to evolve in a natural and affirming way, and I love the subtle parallelism that it takes both a senior and a junior officer to shake Michael back into her more human emotions. Having Michael at the emotional heart of the show rather than the captain makes for a different take on the franchise–as if it were somehow more accessible because she’s now a working grunt along with the majority of the rest of us.

I’m back to considering a sequel to The Builders or another book in the After the Fall series since my head is all in with space opera at the moment. But that would be letting down the people who are waiting on the final Red Slaves novel and breaking my promise to myself. Might be a different explanation for why I’m so very stuck on my editing process.

We are still walking though. The phone says I’ve averaged 4,130 steps per day this week. Surprisingly not as big of a drop-off as I’d imagined given the shorter walks we’ve been taking to help Tashie heal. Again.

To everyone else who is struggling: sleep is to be highly recommended. As is a cuddle-buddy. I’m grateful and lucky to have had both this weekend. My ROW80 buddies continue to report in despite obstacles; so will I.

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4 thoughts on “Life Tip

  1. Every time… every time I come here, Tonya, I end up leaving your blog with a ton of new ideas and sites to explore. You really are a wonderfully dangerous woman. I really love the emotional intelligence piece you posted… it’s especially useful as a writer of science fantasy and spec fic.

    The news about Monica is horrific. I do wish the benefit wasn’t through gofundme. I’ve had issues with them in the past. I’ll have to peek around and see what other ways I might be able to help.

    But you… you keep finding cool and interesting things to post about and keep working on those words you’ve been building. Best!

    1. 🙂
      I’m so glad you find my links useful; you’re pretty unusual to click through. 😀
      I figure I’m storing these links for my own reference most of the time. LOL

      1. Well, to be honest, I can’t click through all of them. You’re registered for many sites that I am not, so I can’t see all the info. But… sometimes I find enough to allow me to look elsewhere.

        I am a link gatherer too though I seldom post them. The fact that you actually share and offer a bit of commentary on your links is extra cool. It’s insightful and interesting.

  2. I need to do my own post too! Star Trek – whichever series – is always a great distraction/source of inspiration. I’ve just binge watched ST: Discovery’s episodes 1-4. Very interesting characterizations, and just enough back story.
    Good luck with the editing. It’s a tough slog, with no easy metrics to keep track, and no clear end point.
    Keep up the walks and sleep too. I’m listening to podcasts as I wander the ‘hood.

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