Cover Reveal: Dust to Blood

RED SLAVES: Dust to Blood by Tonya CannariatoThey say “third time’s the charm” and I think there may be some truth to that. Certainly in this case, it’s taken years of consideration to come to the conclusion that our first inclination on this series was the right one: There needs to be a photo-real component to the cover, given the urban fantasy genre. And given the dragons at the core of the story, there really needs to be a dragon recognizably mixed in to it as well. Figuring out how to handle that with some consistency across the trilogy was the sticking point. With help from Kelley York at X-Potion Designs, I think we’ve finally hit all the right notes. Since I’m re-editing the first two books in this series, too, in the run-up to finishing edits on book three, it feels like a good time to start to get everybody excited about the resolution to the series that kicked off my author career.

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