Sabbatical with a Side of Love

Love is when you sit beside someone, doing nothing, yet you feel perfectly happy.I was blessed with a week off in which I didn’t have to go anywhere I didn’t want to, do anything aside from rest and fun things, or spend too much time being a social butterfly. Although, for all that, the week kicked off with an annual family Christmas Eve gathering and some errands to prep for one of our rare just-the-two-of us road trips. Hubs and I had front row tickets to see the Slambovians perform their 10th annual New Year’s Eve Eve Eve concert in Philadelphia. We found a great adjunct service from Affectionate that allowed our babies to follow their normal routine at home, and we didn’t have to worry about leaving them at loose ends for 12 hours.

For all that, we knew the time off would fly by. It was relaxing in the way that makes it challenging to do anything because you’re just enjoying each other’s company. Though I did pull an all-night reading marathon for the first-time in a while. Kait Nolan put the first book in her Wishful series on sale, and I was surprised that To Get Me To You kept me up until 4:30 to finish it because I’m not normally a southern or small-town fan.


That means, too, that I’m back to way-too-late-to-bed habits and will undo my well-rested week pretty quickly if I don’t get to bed very soon…

This being the goal-setting week of the current ROW80 round, then, here are mine:

  1. Write at least 1,000 words of fiction per week.
  2. Keep up with ROW80 Sponsor duties weekly.
  3. Blog weekly.
  4. Post three book reviews.
  5. Walk at least a mile at least 6 days a week.
  6. Continue the habit of one stay-at-home date night.

Given that this round is roughly 12 weeks long, that doesn’t get me to the end of any of my WIPs if I just stick with the minimum goal. I’m hoping setting a small goal gives me the space to build my fiction-writing muscles so I’m able to meet my big goal:

  1. Complete at least one WIP. (Likely The Builders, since that has the most momentum behind it at the moment.)

I spent more time editing that one over the weekend and actually crossed the 31K mark on it, so managed … a whole 400 new words during my week off. eyeroll Then I spent time exploring Bigstock with Gayla trying to figure out an appropriate set of cover images for a first contact story. We have some ideas, so stay tuned.

I feel like I’m starting the year off on a good foot, having taken my break from the working world, and having found a Buzzfeed article that just has all the warm fuzzies you could ever want… So I’ll leave you with the link to my ROW80 cohorts to see what their plans are, and get ready for a little more productivity in the coming weeks from myself.

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