"When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead." -Earnest HemingwayIt’s hard to believe how often weeks fly by in a blur; we’re almost halfway through the fourth month of the year already, and it feels subjectively like the year just started. Certainly, I’m finally settling into the sense of being at home with the house a little more reliably settled. Between that and the sudden blooming of the trees in the neighborhood, it feels right and appropriate to be having some fun.

We had friends visiting from Wisconsin, prompting some additional home clean-up efforts this week, and then last night we got to see some other friends in concert. The venue was an intimate theater on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, so we decided to make it a real date night and check the furbabies into an overnight stay at Affectionate Pet so we wouldn’t have to worry about their well-being for an unknown stretch of hours. Turns out our worries were well-founded. Though we left with plenty of time, we experienced our first run of parking-lot-style traffic on the Capital Beltway, and kept finding our way onto smaller and smaller byways to try to keep moving. So our leisurely evening turned into quite an adventure–that barely left us time to grab a bite to eat. We did stumble onto a gem of a locale, though: The BBQ Joint is worth visiting if you’re in the region. Date night was thus a success and we thoroughly enjoyed The Slambovians for their latest. (If you’re into eclectic folk rock with punk and bluesy elements, look them up to see whether they’re visiting near you–they are MASTERS of enforcing a GOOD time!)

The Grand Slambovians, Easton, Maryland, April 11

As for meeting any of the actual goals I set last week… I’m still on top of the critiquing deadlines. However, I appear to have forgotten my phone for the majority of the half-milers I took KouKi and Santino on over the course of the week. My phone says I only walked three times for 2.8 miles, but I’m pretty sure that’s a huge underestimation of my actual steps. ohwell. I obviously also managed a date night, but the remainder of my goals … they’re still in development. I’m okay with that for the moment, since my study class for the PMP kicks off officially tomorrow and catching up on the backlog of reviews I have to write isn’t something that will stress me out. And the other goals are upcoming, anyway.

Hubs’ emailed reminder of 11 life lessons to keep us on track also reaffirmed the importance of remaining focused on appreciating the life we’re living.

So I’m in a pretty good place, feeling myself blossoming with the allergies of spring, but enjoying the extra sunshine and the peace that comes with slightly more routine–and a good dose of fun. I’ll be back again next week, but in the meantime check out how the other ROW80ers are doing with their goals.

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