"We think we need so many useless things when all we really need is time to breathe."This is the middle of my “break” week for my writer’s workshop–and between Round of Words in 80 days rounds, strangely enough. It really couldn’t have come at a better time–though I wish I’d been able to get more done this weekend. Again. Seems like mostly my weekends these days are all about getting caught up on sleep. Then Sunday night is the night to cram in all those last-minute things I’d thought I’d do earlier.

Vicious cycle, there, much?

The surprise of the week was that hubs took a major load off my shoulders by unpacking, organizing, and re-arranging all the remaining boxes cluttering the downstairs. Technically that crosses off one of my goals for this round, even though I wasn’t the one who ended up doing it. Hubs is DEFINITELY a keeper!


(The downside: He tweaked his back enough to keep him up two nights running, so he may need some of my lessons learned about when to say enough is enough…) It really is amazing how a little organization helps energize a whole house. And reveal all the useless things you can declutter. Which, coincidentally, is one of the 50 habits for a happy life hubs forwarded to me this week, too. Along with mental health days.


Another one on that list is walking or daily exercise. It was a cold, wet week here, so we didn’t do as well on that, though we still managed four days for a total of at least 5 miles–though I kept forgetting my phone for the shorter ones, so I know it was more than that.

Technically, it’s the end of Round 1 on ROW80 for this year, so next week will be another reassessment of goals for Round 2. In the meantime, we’ll see how well I do with incorporating the critiques from my workshop into what I’ve already written–and whether that spurs me on to additional new words. One of the kewlest spurs to my imagination recently, though, was an article speculating on what future morality might look like–in other words, what our grandchildren might condemn us for. I’m still chasing plotbunnies on that one, even as I try to stay focused on what I need to finish first. I’ll be back next week, letting you know how it goes.

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