"The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson." -Tom BodettI’m dragging myself across the finish line of my MBA program this week. The euphoria of adding the two puppies to our household has been counterbalanced by several weeks of way too little sleep, too much laundry from too much puppy poo and pee, and too much other scrubbing from those puppy poo and pee mistakes that don’t hit the blankets and beds we’ve spread around the house for our furbabies–on top of my requisite schoolwork. Work got super-busy in the wake of the Thanksgiving break, and this week we’re flying back to Milwaukee to celebrate a niece’s wedding. In other words, I’m being tested both in school and in life, in both the ways Bodett outlines in this week’s quote.

I couldn’t necessarily recap the whirlwind within these experiences other than to say that while my heart continues to glow at the small accomplishments our furbabies are managing, I am obsessively counting down the now seven days until I turn in my final coursework. (Kou, this morning, actually barked to let us know she HAD to go… unfortunately, that seems to have been limited to the first morning eliminations and all the rest were back to guesses and waiting games.) After 27 months without a break, the end of what have felt like pointless class requirements is an almost unfathomable release from what still feels like a ridiculous burden.

However, the lesson I’m choosing to accept from this schoolwork experience is that I have the perseverance and capacity to organize my daily existence to achieve things I never expected. While I wasn’t able to manage the cross-country move, the long-distance relationship, work, AND school this year to also allow for fiction-writing time on any kind of reliable or consistent basis, eliminating the third of those four barriers in the next week (and allowing for some decompression and recovery time!) should mean I’m able to retake the reins of my writing career in the new year and meet the goals I choose to set for my passion projects.

Nudging me in that direction, hubs this week emailed an article with tips on how to manifest reality from your visualizations. I’ll be practicing as soon as I’m not exhausted by my responsibilities.


In the meantime, feel free to visit my ROW80 cohorts, and bear with me as I face the biblical fat man through the eye of the needle experience this week. I’ll catch you on the flip side–likely next Monday instead of next Sunday, since I don’t think there will be wifi for our last night in Milwaukee. Wish me luck–and sufficient sleep to remain coherent.

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2 thoughts on “School and Life

  1. So much good here (even with puppy mistakes!). Hopefully, all this groundwork will allow you to focus on your writing to a far greater degree, as you settle in and finish up!

    Sending thoughts for swift bladder and bowel control for those pups!

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