You can believe in misery or miracles, it is entirely up to you. You Choose.This week has been as intense as I worried it might be. I just watched the deadline for one of my class assignments fly on by–albeit with my professor’s acknowledgement and support–but … there just aren’t enough hours in the day to pack up my entire house, work, and do the crazy amount of homework he has required.

The thing that’s keeping me at least halfway sane is that we’ve been diligent with taking our walks: we took 6 for a total of 13.4 miles. I also kept up with the other assignment due and the full week of work. And I sorted, threw away, packed, ran errands, and worked out the legalese to let our renter move in. We’ve been averaging 6-7 hours of sleep as we try to say our goodbyes as well as take care of all these logistics. It doesn’t help our ability to stay focused or be particularly effective.

We still have about half our household to sort, toss, or pack by Wednesday morning, when we have movers showing up to load our stuff into trucks. I’m having a hard time imagining what would happen should we miss that deadline, and yet the hours are dwindling. I’m choosing to believe in a miracle at this point, since we do have help emerging from the woodwork, and, worst comes to worst, I suppose we don’t have to be quite so careful about boxing things up for transport…

I’m also guessing that hubs shared the link to 10 practices to increase peace of mind and happiness as a reminder that once we get past this madness, we’ll need to spend some time reorienting to that perspective. That’s probably a good idea, but a week of sleep sounds good, too. Unfortunately, I won’t have that luxury, either. Somehow I have to hold on until the Labor Day weekend to get an extra day of sleep. Until then, I’m as likely to be a zombie as a human, but don’t kill me just yet… I have PLANS!


Hold your breath with me until next week, when we should be settled in Virginia. And check out my ROW80 cohorts are doing; be jealous with me of anyone who’s feeling more awake than I.

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2 thoughts on “Flattened

  1. I, too, believe in miracles . . . and am not a fan of moving. I hope all goes well. I look forward to hearing how the relocation goes. Being asthmatic and all, I might have trouble holding my breath for anymore than 30 seconds or so, but I’m rooting for you.

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